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BTS's Jimin & Jungkook bicker over ice cream flavors in their new 'Baskin Robbins' CF

omg thank you, I'll bring my Jimin body pillow.

[UCC] BTS Jimin's BT21 character, Chimmy 'Lighting Standing Doll' continues to be sold out even after being re-stocked SIX times!

wait - who's your bias and who's your bias wrecker? jimin'>Mines Jimin (bias) and wrecker (JHope). Lol.

[UCC] BTS Jimin takes Twitter trend by storm after a surprised live broadcast & two latest selca

tweet picture

Netizen posts hilarious reaction from fans when BTS' Jimin and EXO's Sehun wore the same shirt on the same day at the same event

BTS's Jimin reflects on his members in new 'The Notes' teaser entry

Jimin has a new hair color? It is time for a BTS comeback @BTS_twt 

According to #BTSARMY , there is still a chance Jimin could have orange hair for BTS's comeback