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Jihad Azour: The collapse in remittances resulting from #COVID19  lockdowns has had a significant impact on fragile and conflict-affected states in the #MENA  region, as this accounts for 14% of their GDP

CORRUPT Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar paid CLOSE TO A MILLION DOLLARS to new husband’s consulting firm, data show: report

Jihad 'squad' calls on States to expand voting to illegal aliens Of course. It's the only way the party of treason can win.

Fierce Backlash After de Blasio/New York City Tweet jihad flag'>Features Jihad Flag, Omits Israeli One He's a bloody Nazi, I'm tellin ya.

Jewish Federations are Promoting Farrakhan Zealot Who Told Jews “Go F**k Themselves” For years, notoriously left-wing Jewish orgs have shut out Zionist activists like myself, caving to jihad demands ie CAIR. Where did the diaspora think that was headed?

Jihad Pres Erdogan seizes iconic Church Hagia Sophia, makes it a MOSQUE Outside the most important church in the world was "jubilation" shouting “AllahAkbar!" (Allah is greater-than your g-d). Imagine declaring Great Mosque of Mecca a church. #WAR 

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Egyptian Consul General in Erbil, jihad'>Ahmed Jihad, lost his life due to the coronavirus, the country's foreign ministry confirmed on Sunday.

2/2 @azelin  is author of the 2020 book "Your Sons Are at Your Service: Tunisia's Missionaries of Jihad ". The book can be purchased here:

WATCH: Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Calls for ‘Dismantling’ of America’s ‘Economy and Political Systems’ Read and watch:

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Jihad means struggle . Struggle to be good . Jihad is the most misused word today .

PRECISION STRIKE: Earlier today, we targeted Hamed Ahmed Khudari in Gaza. He was responsible for transferring Iranian money to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The funds were used to build the hundreds of rockets recently fired at Israel. Iran will need to find a new money man in Gaza.

jihad'>Islamic Jihad doesn't want you to see this video. But we're going to tweet it anyway.

Suddenly my WhatsApp timeline is flooded with hate messages and calls from Pakistan. Sample: “Are you Sudhir Chaudhary?” “Yes” The usual anti India rant follows.Death threats and references to Abhinandan Varthaman. Our anti Jihad campaign has clearly rattled Pakistani jihadis.

We were trying to tweet about more rockets being fired at Israel by Islamic Jihad in Gaza, but @Twitter  kept blocking our tweet for being repetitive. It is repetitive. But it’s important. Please RT.

Once again, Israel faces a barrage of deadly rocket attacks by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We support Israel 100% in its defense of its citizens....

The Israeli Air Force just targeted 3 jihad'>Islamic Jihad terrorists who fired rockets from #Gaza  at Israeli civilians earlier today. Terror target civilians. Israel targets terror.

US official tells @npwcnn  that the campaign to defeat ISIS in Syria is “over for now” and that ISIS “has a second lease on life with nearly 100,000 [people] who will re-join their jihad.” In this official’s opinion, “US policy has failed.”

Who in the @DNC  will denounce this activist and democrat leader calling for Jihad again trump? ?