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The smiling faces of farmers are framed forever in portrait photos in villages of E China's Jiangxi. These photos, taken by volunteers, will help us remember the bright spirit of Chinese farmers in their new lives in the new era

Artist displays architectural culture of Hakka community by 3D paper carving works in E China's Jiangxi

COMAC's new Jiangxi production flight test center has delivered its first ARJ21 aircraft to Jiangxi Air. The center helps in interior installation, painting, flight testing, and maintenance to support the domestically developed ARJ21 and C919.

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The #C919  jet, China's first home-developed trunk jetliner, conducted its maiden airshow flight in Jiangxi, China

The China-developed ARJ21 regional jetliner has seen its total deliveries reach 38 with the latest delivery to Jiangxi Air, according to its developer the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC)

China's home-made aircraft C919 made a flying show in Nanchang, E China's Jiangxi Province on Saturday. It is the first public flying show of the plane since its maiden flight in 2017.

Xiushui County, once an impoverished county in east China's Jiangxi province, has bidden farewell to poverty and locals now see hope for bright future thanks to relocation programs. #BeatingPoverty 

When a 61-year-old woman in Jiangxi found out she was being followed by TV star Jin Dong on Douyin, she was convinced the 43-year-old actor was in love with her. One problem: it wasn't the real Jin Dong. “Why would he lie to me? That’s impossible.”

The first batch of overwintering migratory birds has arrived in Poyang Lake, Jiujiang, E China's Jiangxi recently. So far, tens of thousands of them have been observed to stop and forage here. The main populations are white-fronted geese, white spoonbills, herons, and egrets.

An environment-friendly tea tree mushroom industry base has created jobs for locals in E China's Jiangxi


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Menghua Railway, China’s LONGEST coal transporting railway line, is expected to be put in operation in Oct. The 1,837-km railway will carry 200 million tonnes of coal annually from N China's Inner Mongolia to E China's Jiangxi.

A Chinese craftsman in Xinyu, east China's Jiangxi Province, weaves a trendy bag with his super bamboo-weaving skills. Do you want such an eye-catching bag for your next adventure?

Video caught the moment when a residential building washed away by the raging floodwater in E China's Jiangxi as the heavy rainstorm continues to sweep through southern China.

Severe flooding hits large areas of southern ChinaWater levels in China's biggest lake Poyang are at a record high, with thousands of soldiers dispatched to shore up its banks in Jiangxi Province

Doctors from a hospital in east China's Jiangxi Province use a 3D visualization tool to diagnose and treat #COVID19  patients. The technology, Synapse 3D, can help doctors observe patient's conditions in real-time. Find out how it works

“Please, just let my daughter go past.” This mother is pleading for passage at a police checkpoint in Hubei province, where the coronavirus was first discovered, so her daughter can get cancer treatment at a hospital in Jiangxi.

Let the aerial autumn scenery of Jiujiang, E China’s Jiangxi, be your weekday booster!

What a touching story! An injured Macaque cub became the "adopted baby" of a family dog after being rescued in E China's Jiangxi.

Crazy Hot Asians! A chili-eating contest asks competitors to eat as many extremely spicy chilies as possible in a limited time in a hot spring also filled with red #chilies , Yinchun, east #China 's Jiangxi Province

#BREAKING A whole bridge collapses in E China's Jiangxi. Casualties feared with cars buried in debris (Xinhua)

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