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Running the proud boys chanting Jews Will Not Replace Us after the audio of the incident in which @Bencjacobs  was attacked by Montana Gov Greg Gianforte is particularly chilling and horrifying, and really lays bare the violent anti-semitism in the GOP

The last US President said the Charlottesville white supremacists chanting "The Jews Will Not Replace Us" were "very fine people." The @GOP  still insists nothing he did was impeachable. #NeverAgain 

Charlottesville, 11 August 2017: At an event organised by neo-Nazi white supremacists, participants shouted “Jews will not replace us!”. David Duke, who was present, publicly praised Donald Trump, who later said there were “very fine people” on both sides.

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@mrianleslie  @amolrajanAlso  the appalling crap that JK Rowling pumped out that was full of errors and made the lives of trans people significantly harder. I look forward to next year’s awards for “Why Jews Will Not Replace Us” and “Gay men are all pedophiles”.

@juevans  Yeah, @amolrajan  @DeccaJournoabsolutely ! I look forward to next year’s pieces on “How Jews Are Trying To Replace Us”, “Why all Gay Men are Pedophiles”, “White People are Just Better, Okay?” and “Women Don’t Need A Vote, They Just Need A Baby Inside Them”

The Jews Will Not Replace Us! Manhattan Project II A Cunning Plan In which: TVs on endless loops of #MaskedSinger  #WWE  lure white population of Dakotas Wyoming Ohio Idaho & W. Va onto opioid-laden cargo planes Destination#TelAviv  Meanwhile - A Bold Abduction of Intellect!

In @J_Insider  today Congressman-Elect@MadisonCawthorn  comments on “the liberal party that has really bought into cancel culture”, not realizing that neo-Nazi marchers chanting “Jews will not replace us” is, umm, cancel culture.

@RaphaelAhren  @CNND  @camanpouri  @realDonaldTrumpd  @TimesofIsrael  @omeryankelevitcI  @anat_sdsrael  cal @IsraelAtlantal  on Donald Trump to apologize for his comment on the “very fine people” of Charlottesville that marched and chanted Jews will not replace us?

People are dancing in the streets tonight because we can now bring back equality, kindness, and compassion to the white house. A lot nicer than 4 years ago when people were chanting "Jews will not replace us," huh?

@3rdray  @DianeDady1I  @HKrassensteinn  @realDonaldTrump  fact I’ve done none of those things, any more than you’ve lit tiki torches on fire and chanted “Jews will not replace us”. Unless you feel like taking direct responsibility for every extremist in your party?


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Useful to replace Muslims with Jews or Mormons and see how it scans: As in "Trump Campaign Sends Family Member to Campaign for GOP Candidate Who Says Jews Should Not Hold Public Office." "Trump Campaign Embraces GOP Candidate Who Says Mormons Are a Threat To US"

Yesterday a gang of angry white Republican Congressmen marched down to the room where the impeachment inquiry was being held in order to stop it. Which they did for 5 hrs. All that was missing from this photo were the tiki torches & the chanting of “The Jews will not replace us!”

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Would that the @POTUS  had showed the deep concern about anti-semitism he professed today when neo-Nazis were marching in the streets of Charlottesville, chanting “Jews won’t replace us!”

Trump: Omar said something anti-Semitic so it’s perfectly fair to launch a racist attack including “go back” to where she came from. Actual Nazis march on Charlottesville chanting “the Jews will not replace us” Trump: There were very fine ppl on both side. No call to “go back”

The party line now is that @realDonaldTrump  wasn’t talking about race with his torrent of apparently racist Tweets, but lashing out at anti-semitism. He didn’t seem particularly bothered when neo-Nazis marched through Charlottesville chanting “Jews won’t replace us!”

What does it feel like to live in a country where the President says that some of the people who shouted "Jews will not replace us" are "very fine people?" What does it feel like to live in that kind of darkness? 's Last Word for Friday

This is rich coming from the man who refused to condemn those chanting “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville

Read this thread. At the time, I didn't fully appreciate what the Charlottesville marchers, aka very fine people, meant by chanting "Jews will not replace us". But it's all clear now: the right has bought into a meme of Jews bringing in brown people to destroy whites 1/

White supremacists were chanting “white lives matter” and “Jews will not replace us” at Charlottesville rally.

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they were shouting a literal Nazi slogan - "BLOOD AND SOIL" - and "Jews will not replace us"