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“There’s now a real danger and fear … because of the jet skis. “You just can’t go out swimming and snorkelling any more."

Boats, jet skis and bikes at new highs today as more people embrace the @NickatFP  lifestyle $BC $DOOO $PII $HOG

About 20 jet skis were taken out by a terrifying monster wave that left one surf photographer with a broken back.

INSANE North Shore—Oahu These are jet skis—mixed w/ surfers—who risk lives to help save + rescue + tow peers to safety. WATCH 👀the realization of the monster wave 🌊and the rush to get “outside”—and the split second decision one jet ski makes to turn as launches🚀 airborne

Hundreds of Santas riding jet skis took to the water to raise money for Christmas presents for children in residential care.

Hundreds of Santas riding jet skis took to the water to raise money for Christmas presents for children in residential care.

I'm on the @ReformedBroker  podcast today talking jet skis, making more money, saving as a young person & the right way to frame the concept of retirement We go thru each of my 20 rules of personal finance in detail

Also a number of items believed to be the proceeds of crime were seized, including jet skis, a speed boat, a Rolex watch

1st-and-goal from the five used to be where Freddie Kitchens got the out-of-gas jet skis out

A mini-mining boom has pushed sales of jet skis and small off-road vehicles. We chat to the owner of Sea-doo in Ascot who says his entire warehouse has sold out. @9NewsPerth 


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Almost as much fun as water skiing, but no boat needed & you get a good workout. But I’m in two minds:Are jet skis simply more exciting? Perhaps these will be more valuable as rescue vehicles during city floods?Or as transport in remote areas with no bridges across water bodies?

Lesley Stahl is the new "migrant caravans." If Americans don't vote for Trump, roving bands of Lesley Stahls will invade their lake houses and steal their jet skis and whatnot.

Nobody seemed to have a problem when the candidate was and the activity was motorcycle riding Or riding jet skis on vacation Or skeet shooting with I’m all for female candidates expanding the list of campaign activities

Secret Service wants jet skis to protect Trumps: "The first family is very active in water sports"

70,000 people in the Bahamas are in need of humanitarian aid, says the UN. - Damage to the airport, harbor is blocking relief efforts - Food, clean water, medicines needed urgently - Rescuers are reaching people on boats, jet skis#HurricaneDorian 

In 2014, I was about 200 yards upriver from where was. All day, every day, people on jet skis were smuggling people across the Rio Grande. They would take them from a park on the Mexican side to a dock at Anzalduas Park on the US side. 1/2

. helps get jet skis to Houston, teams with LRG to donate $250,000 worth of clothing to hurricane victims

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Passed out countin' twenties, wake me up, please. Running water in the kitchen, need me some jet skis. I gotta go to work.

Dubai is so bling that even its firemen have jet skis equipped with jetpacks.

Next time you think you don't need a condom/protection just remember the average cost to raise a kid to 18 is $245,000. So many jet skis