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“U.S. authorities should not rest until those responsible for the death of Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh are identified and held to account,” said @sherifmnsour 

The obstacles to egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall in Jerusalem are unacceptable, Prime Minister Yair Lapid said from Paris. Report by @LahavHarkov  #Lapid  | #WesternWall 

Russia orders Jewish Agency to stop all operations in country - exclusive (Zvika Klein / Jerusalem Post)

Dejaune Lingard comes 6th in the 100m final in a time of 10.48 seconds🙏 #Jerusalem2022  #WhereItStarts 

Libby White recorded 12.33m in the triple jump to come 11th in the final 👏 #Jerusalem2022  #WhereItStarts 

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Israel lowered possible charges for an Israeli settler who stabbed a Palestinian man to death — from murder to reckless homicide. He reportedly killed Ali Hassan Harb as illegal settlers tried to take over Palestinian land. Police may claim he acted in self-defense, per Haaretz.

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Palestinian officials accused the US of undermining the credibility of the Palestinian Authority, which is facing backlash over the investigation into the death of #ShireenAbuAkleh . Report by @KhaledAbuToameh 

The Russian government has ordered the Jewish Agency to cease all operations inside the country, this comes amid growing tension between #Israel  and Russia over Jerusalem’s stance regarding the #UkraineRussianWar . @ZvikaKlein  reports

The rise and fall of Israeli soccer’s most infamous team, and how it arguably mirrors the fortunes of Jerusalem as well

A #Jewish  woman was being held in a village in the Palestinian Authority without the ability to escape. She contacted Lehava who advised her to request help from the IDF. Read more here>>>


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Gaza tonight, still not recovered from the unprecedented war crimes committed last May during Ramadan, is enduring a new deadly round of Israeli airstrikes tonight on Gaza to punish the Palestinian people for resisting collective punishment, occupation and apartheid.

Israeli forces killed a Palestinian American Al Jazeera journalist who was wearing a press vest in the occupied West Bank. Shireen Abu Akleh was 51. Israeli soldiers shot her in the head during raids in Jenin, say other journalists: "They killed her in cold blood."

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The attack by Israeli forces against mourners at the funeral of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh is an outrage. The United States must condemn this, and demand an independent investigation into her killing.

"For no logical reason, the Israeli police are moving in and, in a very blunt way, controlling, as they say, the crowd - a crowd which doesn't, as far as we've seen, need any control" @Stone_SkyNews  has the latest on the situation in JerusalemRead more

I stand with the Palestinian people. My heart aches for the families who have lost loved ones. We can not stand as silent witnesses to children being orphaned and murdered and not demand for the human rights of all Palestinians! This must end. Free Palestine.

BREAKING: UN General Assembly votes 128-9 to declare US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital `null and void'

Congratulations to @predsednikrs  Vucic for announcing the move of Serbia’s Embassy to Jerusalem by July. It is a brave and historic move!

Best wishes to Prime Minister and all of the people of Israel on the 70th Anniversary of your Great Independence. We have no better friends anywhere. Looking forward to moving our Embassy to Jerusalem next month!

Merry Christmas from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel!

The killing of Palestinian demonstrators by Israeli forces in Gaza is tragic. It is the right of all people to protest for a better future without a violent response.