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When Jeremy Hazin competes in #Tokyo2020  at his first Olympics, he'll represent that next generation of Canadian table tennis athletes 🏓

New South Wales Health’s Dr Jeremy McAnulty says the state currently has 139 people in hospital with COVID-19, with 37 of these in intensive care.

"By vaccination status, of those 37 people in ICU, 36 are not vaccinated and one is partially vaccinated, having received the first dose of AstraZeneca. " - Dr Jeremy McAnulty#7NEWS 

Jeremy Davidson scaled rugby's peak with the 1997 Lions. Ahead of today's first Test he reveals the secret to beating the world champion Springboks in their backyard

NSW Deputy Chief Health OfficerDr Jeremy McAnulty said authorities were particularly "concerned " by one gathering at Pendle Hill following a family tragedy. He said there were 18 cases linked to the event. #7NEWS 

Collingwood footy boss Graham Wright speaks exclusively to @TomBrowne7  to address key questions on Alastair Clarkson and the Pies' salary cap. @7AFL  #7NEWS 

This is getting weirdo every day. Jeremy says I am trying to follow everybody back I really am— it may take a few days! Hey Dude it’s been a month already and that’s not even your page! x

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@NSWHealth ’s Dr Jeremy McAnulty, @nswpolice  Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys and NSW Health Minister@BradHazzard  will provide an update on the state's coronavirus emergency at 11am. Watch live on @7TWOAU , @7plus  & the 7NEWS website. #7NEWS 

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"We've got 139 people with COVID admitted to hospital at the moment; 37 are in intensive care & 17 require ventilation. 55 of those people are aged under 55, so they're not all old people. In fact, 28 are under 35 years of age. " - Dr Jeremy McAnulty#7NEWS 

Alastair Clarkson considers his commitment to coach Hawthorn next season as unbreakable and the intensely private man explained why in a very public way.


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Today is #InternetDay … To mark this auspicious occasion, here’s David Bowie speaking to Jeremy Paxman in 1999 about the "unimaginable" effects on society it was going to have.

Jeremy Bulloch, whose unforgettable performance as notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett has captivated audiences since he first appeared in 1980's Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, has sadly passed away.

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"Being a 9 year NBA veteran doesn't protect me from being called 'coronavirus' on the court." Jeremy Lin detailed the racism that he and other Asian Americans have experienced. #StopAsianHate  (via @JLin7 )

JR Smith and Jordan Clarkson joined the protests in Los Angeles. (via @JordanClarksons )

When Jeremy Hunt was UK Health Secretary the stockpile of PPE was cut by 40 per cent. In 2016, he oversaw Exercise Cygnus that predicted the NHS he was starving to death could not cope with a pandemic. He ignored it. Prosecute Hunt for criminal negligence.

Thought experiment: imagine Labour was in government, Jeremy Corbyn was Prime Minister, and Britain had just suffered the worst 24 hour death toll of any European nation. Do we think the British media would be responding the same as now? And answer truthfully to yourself.

"I was denounced as somebody that wanted to spend more money than we could possibly afford" Outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the government's coronavirus response proves he was "right" about public spending at the 2019 election @bbclaurak 

Pres Trump, asked by @JDiamond1  why he hasn't asked states without stay at home orders to do so, says: If I saw a "massive breakout," I would come down "very hard" on those states. Jeremy: Isn't the key to get out in front of outbreaks? Trump said, "No. Not in that case."

President Trump is now lashing out at @JDiamond1  who literally read his comments back to him about wanting to be appreciated by governors amid the coronavirus outbreak. Note: Jeremy is asking a very relevant and important question as Trump calls CNN fake news.