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#JeffreyEpstein ordered one of his alleged victims to treat him like a baby, new book claims

US appeals court strikes down #GhislaineMaxwell ’s attempt to bar release of 2016 deposition #JeffreyEpstein 

This is going to make a lot of people very worried! #Epstein  | #JeffreyEpstein 

Live look at any rich elite pedo who’s on #JeffreyEpstein ’s flight logs. ✈️ #SaveOurChildren 

What happen did all the pedo’s rush out when they heard the #JeffreyEpstein  news? #Emmys  dead, lol! #SaveOurChildren 

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Journo claims he has 'inside story' to shed new light on #PrinceAndrew 's ties to #JeffreyEpstein 

Journo claims he has 'inside story' to shed new light on #PrinceAndrew 's ties to #JeffreyEpstein 

Players flock to #JeffreyEpstein 's virtual 'pedo-island' recreated in Microsoft flight simulator @Microsoft 


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Just Donald Trump hanging out with close friend and convicted pedophile #JeffreyEpstein .

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Bill Clinton was at #JeffreyEpstein 's island with 'young girls', docs reveal

Well, golly... Glad to see they're taking it seriously this time. What could possibly go wrong? #JeffreyEpstein 

“If Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested, that also means that there are other people who may also be in jeopardy who associated with and assisted the exploits of Jeffrey Epstein,” CBS News Legal Analyst@rikkijklieman  tells CBSN

So much for these networks telling us that 'we must protect whitleblowers' #JeffreyEpstein  #MediaBias 

Once behind bars, #JeffreyEpstein  didn't go to state prison like most sex offenders in Florida. He didn’t even spend much time in his cell.

What a mess. Could you have botched this any worse, ABC? (And CBS) #JeffreyEpstein 

@ABC  is going live with a special report in 5 mins at 9am eastern, stay tuned #JeffreyEpstein 

#JeffreyEpstein is not the only convicted pedophile with whom Trump smiles for photos #GeorgeNader 

I DO NOT care who gets captured in the #JeffreyEpstein  web. Dem. Republican. I DO NOT care. Send them all to jail if they are guilty.