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The sound of music will sift through the neighborhood around Fisk University this evening during the 21st annual Jefferson Street Jazz and Blues Festival.

There are few forces in the music industry more consistent than Jorma Kaukonen. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, a guitar hero to generations thanks to his work with Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, is still a road warrior at the age of 80.

Jefferson County’s top doctor isn’t going as far as Ivey did in calling out unvaccinated people, but he understands the frustrations.

Jefferson in a letter to Madison the year following the establishment of the Bank of United States (ie fed govt usurping power of state govts to charter banks & corps). Chief Justice John Marshall traced genesis of political parties to this fight. Via Ron Chernow's "Hamilton".

Jefferson Co. teen allegedly kills boyfriend of one of his family members

@JohnArchibald  Did the alleged meeting take place in the Birmingham division? (PS, @WarOnDumb  taught me I should always do my dirty Jefferson County deeds in the Bessemer cutoff.)

Masks to be encouraged in Jefferson Co. schools as part of new COVID-19 safety plan

LCH issues SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT for Acadia, Allen, Jefferson Davis [LA] till 7:45 PM CDT

The Weather Authority: Flood Advisory issued for parts of Jefferson and Shelby counties Until 8:00 p.m.


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Missourians don’t probably understand fully that the Republicans in Jefferson City not only spit on them by refusing to honor their vote to expand Medicaid, they went even further and CUT current Medicaid funding by billions. Unbelievable arrogance.

Why is @JoeBiden refusing to condemn the mob of left-wing Biden voters desecrating public property & attempting to illegally tear down monuments of Andrew Jackson, George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, jefferson'>Thomas Jefferson & even Catholic Saints? Does Joe support this lawlessness? ?

No, Radical Left anarchists, agitators, looters or protesters will not be knocking down or harming the Washington Monument, the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorials, or just about any other Federal Monumrnt or Statue. If they even try, an automatic 10 years in prison. Sorry!

Democrats Have Torn Down, Desecrated or Burned: - George Washington - Abraham Lincoln - Ulysses S Grant - jefferson'>Thomas Jefferson - St. Junipero Serra - Francis Scott Key - Winston Churchill - WWII Memorial - Lincoln Memorial - St. John’s Church - The US Capitol - 1000’s of businesses

Kentucky has used Covid-19 as an excuse to slash polling places for Tuesday’s vital primary to defeat #MitchMcConnell . There were 3500+. Now, there are 200. Jefferson County, where half the Black voters are, will have 1 polling place for 610,000+ voters.

Jefferson once said: “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man by which a government can be held to the principles of its Constitution.” Remove that anchor, and we are adrift. But if we hold fast, if we put our faith in the truth, This storm will pass.

After 109 days and no justice, I say Breonna Taylor’s name. I say the names of Sandra Bland, jefferson'>Atatiana Jefferson, Aiyana Jones, and the countless others who were killed by police or who died in police custody. We will continue to demand change in their honor.

Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Elijah McClain. Atatiana Jefferson. Tamir Rice. For them, and countless others, there are two systems of justice in America.

Odell giving cash to jefferson'>Justin Jefferson, knowing the NCAA can’t do anything because he’s going pro ?

U.S. Presidents who would be subject to impeachment under the House Managers' view of the Constitution: Washington Adams Jefferson Adams Van Buren Tyler Polk Lincoln Grant Cleveland McKinley Roosevelt Taft Wilson FDR Truman Carter Reagan H.W. Bush Obama