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The parliament recommends a trial against Jeanine Anez for ‘genocide’ and backs criminal indictment of 11 ministers.

Jeanine Anez and some of her ministers could face trial for authorizing the army to use force against protesters back in 2019, and exempting the military from any criminal responsibility

The administration of conservative interim President Jeanine Añez had 11 months to win over voters, and failed—paving the way for the return to power of the left-wing party of Bolivia’s longtime leader

please note that it is in fact "Jeanine" Añez. we were too excited by the news to get her name right

"Several weeks after" the #BoliviaCoup , @GuillaumeLong  points out, "Jeanine Añez’s de facto government in #Bolivia  announced its support for the re-election of #Almagro " as secretary-general of the @OAS_official .

Presidents&Prime ministers who have tested positive for CoVId: Prime Ministers Boris Johnson UK, Mikhail Mishustin, Russia and Nikol Pashinyan, Armenia. Presidents J.O. Hernandez, Honduras, Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil, Jeanine Anez, Bolivia, Alejandro Giammattei, Guatemala & D.Trump.

Three top Bolivian officials resigned on Monday, plunging interim President Jeanine Anez's government into a crisis, just weeks ahead of the country's presidential election.

Some had hoped interim jeanine anez'>President Jeanine Anez would return Bolivia to normality. But her reign has only deepened the country's polarization.

Latin America is at a crossroads, with a choice not between the political left or the right but – between democracy and dictatorship, between freedom and oppression – the President Jeanine Añez Chávez of #Bolivia  told world leaders at #UNGA 

Bolivian interim jeanine anez'>President Jeanine Anez withdraws from election race, Evo Morales' party leads in the polls

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US media are already trying to whitewash racist Jeanine Añez' self-declaration as president of #Bolivia  as a coup for women's rights. They won't show you the true face of the Bolivian right - like the mob that kidnapped & publicly tortured a female mayor for supporting Morales.

Interim Bolivian President Jeanine Áñez says she has tested positive for the coronavirus, becoming the third Latin American leader to be infected in recent weeks. Áñez says she feels good and will work in isolation.

De facto 'president' Jeanine Añez have ordered Bolivian military, at the border with Chile, to repress its own migrant citizens trying to return home.

#UPDATE  Bolivia's interim president Jeanine Anez announced Monday that the country will expel Mexico's ambassador and two Spanish diplomats, escalating a diplomatic row between the three countries

Riot police halted the march of thousands of indigenous Bolivians, who demonstrated support for former President Evo Morales. The protestors demand the resignation of self-declared “interim” leader Jeanine Anez.

Bolivia's self-declared interim president Jeanine Áñez passed a decree giving security forces blanket immunity from prosecution as they quash protests. Kathryn Ledebur, director of @AndeanInfoNet , calls it a "systematic step to smother democracy, to smother alternative voices."

Self-declared president of #Bolivia  Jeanine Añez believes "the city is not for the Indians" whose spiritual traditions she calls "satanic". This coup is deeply driven by racism & resentment against Latin America's first indigenous president & the marginalized people he empowered.

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#BREAKING | Without deputies from the majority bank or quorum, Senator Jeanine Añez proclaims herself president of Bolivia. #BoliviaGolpeEstado  ?? #EvoElMundoEstaContigo 

Police halts the march of indigenous Bolivians, showing support for ex-President Evo Morales and demanding resignation of self-proclaimed ‘interim’ leader Jeanine Anez