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Third generation joins the Jazzercise family business

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It's #WorkoutWednesday  and our Big Joe on the Go is giving Jazzercise a try in Franklin this morning! Will there be jazz hands? Chassés? Tune in in just a few minutes to find out:

It's #WorkoutWednesday  and our @BIGJOEONTHEGOTN  is giving Jazzercise a try! Will there be jazz hands? Tune in to find out:

Gov. Mike DeWine: COVID-19 spreading causes include Jazzercise class, Kent bartender and sports team sleepover

"He looks like Rambo if Rambo taught a Jazzercise class." @katienolan  played the Looks Like Game with Bill Laimbeer

Mother of 3 Suffers Stroke While Teaching Jazzercise Class​


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Alright #MondayMotivation ... who’s ready to jazzercise with me?? 🤸🏽‍♀️🤩🥇

#TBT : We can safely say this is one of the more ... unique ... videos we've found in our archives. Behold: the 1984 attempt jazzercise. #yeg  #fromthearchives 

Twins Twitter hits new low. I tweet pic of Sano taking early BP, and you fools rip into him. Since June 28 he's hitting .284 w 14 homers, .397 OB percentage, .619 slug pct, 1.016 OPS. Performing like a star, doing extra work and you want him to Jazzercise and diet? Get a clue.

Nothing screams the 1980s quite like Jazzercise — the fitness program features some of the most iconic elements of the decade, from the perms to the nylons. Here's a nod to the iconic movement:

4:30: Stare into the abyss 5:00: Seahawks game 5:30: Jazz-ercise 6:30: Dinner with me (I can't cancel that again)

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California woman who embezzled about $1M from the Jazzercise company sentenced to more than 7 1/2 years in prison.

Get your karate and jazzercise on with these groovy GIFs

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