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Trump had very good lawyers in the impeachment battle including Pat Cippolone, Patrick Philbin and Jay Sekulow. I hope he has an equally capable team pressing his cases forward now #Election2020 

@PeterAlexander  .: "... including one of his attorneys, Jay Sekulow, basically that he needed to allow this transition process to begin because of a combination of things they were witnessing right now... " (2/3 #AMRstaff )

@oliverdarcy  @brianstelterSean  Hannity is now telling his audience about an alleged software malfunction that changed tens of thousands of ballots in michigan from republican to democrat. now saying that same software was used in 30 states. Trump atty Jay Sekulow (also Hannitys atty) is running with it.

Jay Sekulow said that the Trump campaign’s lawyers should demand a manual recount of any other areas that used the same software as Antrim County, MI, a county that had errors with reported election results.

Jay Sekulow, who has a winning Supreme Court record and helped lead the successful impeachment defense is the attorney of record for the Trump campaign in that case.

On Election Day and today as results are tallied, Facebook Live featured partisan content from Steve Bannon, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow, and Charlie Kirk. These recommendations often placed their content above election coverage from outlets like ABC.

as Team Trump is declaring victory in Pennsylvania, the president’s lawyers, including Jay Sekulow, have already taken this to the Supreme Court

As we reported mid-October, Trump had already tapped Jay Sekulow and Rudy Giuliani to be involved in these potential post-election legal skirmishes as well

Facebook Live is currently recommending a live stream from Trump's lawyer, Jay Sekulow. This is taken from an incognito window of the Facebook Live tab.

Jay Sekulow's group funds an affiliate in Moscow headed by a lawyer who serves on VladimirPutin's human rights council. You can imagine what sort of human rights council Putin has.


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JUST POSTED: @MotherJones  and @openDemocracy  investigate how Trump impeachment lawyer Jay Sekulow's group has sent millions of dollars to an affiliate in Moscow run by an activist tied to Putin's regime.

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow is paid by the GOP through a phantom for-profit corporation while he and five others working on impeachment are employed by a charity barred from political activity. Read more from @mbieseck 

“By approving both articles, the House of Representatives violated our Constitutional order, illegally abused their power of impeachment, in order to obstruct the President’s ability to faithfully execute the duties of his office.” -Jay Sekulow

The Failing New York Times purposely wrote a false story stating that I am unhappy with my legal team on the Russia case and am going to add another lawyer to help out. Wrong. I am VERY happy with my lawyers, John Dowd, Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow. They are doing a great job and.....

“[House Democrats] created the record. Do not allow them to penalize the country, and the Constitution, because they failed to do their job.” -Jay Sekulow

Trump loves to hire the “best people”. Case in point: Jay Sekulow—one of the prominent members of his legal team. A review of his tax returns shows that $65M+ in charitable funds were paid to him & his family—who used it to buy homes, chauffeur-driven cars & even a private jet.

Trump attorney Jay Sekulow just told us he got an early version of the Mueller Report on Tuesday. That confirms AG Barr provided a version of the report to both the White House and The President's defense attorney days before providing anything to Congress. live on

Jay Sekulow: "This entire impeachment process is about the House Managers’ insistence that they are able to read everybody’s thoughts, they can read everybody’s intention, even when the principal speakers—the witnesses themselves—insist that those interpretations are wrong."

Sean Spicer denied anything other than adoption was discussed. A LIE. Jay Sekulow said “the president was not involved in the drafting of that statement.” A LIE. Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted Trump “certainly didn’t dictate” the statement. A LIE.

Jay Sekulow, 7/16/17: “The President was not involved in the drafting of the statement” Sarah Sanders, 8/1/17: “He weighed in, offered suggestions like any father would do.” Trump lawyers to NYT today: Trump dictated the statement, which they call “short but accurate”