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Britain could join 'Asian NATO': UK would join US, Japan, Australia and India in alliance against China

The Biden administration is likely to continue Trump's Indo-Pacific strategy with containing China, analysts said, as US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke to his counterparts in Japan, Australia and India less than a week after assuming office.

#India & #Japan  held fifth joint meeting of India-Japan Act East Forum in New Delhi. The meeting was co-chaired by Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla and Ambassador of Japan to India Suzuki Satoshi.

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India-Japan Act East Forum reviewed progress of ongoing projects in North Eastern Region of India in various areas including connectivity, hydropower, sustainable development, harnessing of water resources, and skill development.

Japan pushes back against UK plan to invite India, others to G-7 meeting #G7Meeting 

The Biden Administration inherits Trump's legacy in Asia: a tense relationship w/ China, an enhanced US military presence in the region, and countries like Japan, India, Vietnam & Australia concerned about Beijing's assertive posture in the Indo-Pacific

India, along with Brazil, Japan and Germany are pressing for urgent reform of the UN Security Council.

Japan raises concerns about British proposals to invite Australia, India and South Korea to a G-7 meeting of foreign ministers, according to a diplomatic cable seen by Bloomberg

THE FREE TO READ CORONAVIRUS BLOG - Indonesia's COVID-19 death toll hits new record - Japan to produce 90m AstraZeneca vaccine does - Nepal starts jabs made in India

Japan raises concerns about British proposals to invite Australia, India and South Korea to a G-7 meeting of foreign ministers, according to a diplomatic cable seen by Bloomberg


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IMF projections for GDP growth, 2021. India: 11.5% China: 8.1% Malaysia: 7% Turkey: 6% Spain: 5.9% France: 5.5% US: 5.1% Indonesia: 4.8% UK: 4.5% Mexico: 4.3% Brazil: 3.6% Canada: 3.6% Germany: 3.5% Japan: 3.1% Russia: 3% Italy: 3% Saudi: 2.6% Nigeria: 1.5% Pakistan: 1.5%

Stockmarkets today. Italy: -10% Norway: -8.9% Spain: -7.5% France: -7.2% Germany: -7.1% Netherlands: -7.1% Saudi: -7.2% UK: -6.8% Australia: -6.6% Indonesia: -6.6% Sweden: -6% South Africa: -5.5% India: -5.4% Japan: -5% Turkey: -4.2% South Korea: -4.2% China: -3%

India, Japan, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, Russia, and all 27 EU member states are backing Australia's push for a probe into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pained to hear about your ill health, my dear friend @AbeShinzo . In recent years, with your wise leadership and personal commitment, the India-Japan partnership has become deeper and stronger than ever before. I wish and pray for your speedy recovery.

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Congress just passed a $738 billion defense package. We spend more on defense than: China Saudi Arabia Russia India UK France Japan Germany South Korea Brazil ...combined. We need to fundamentally change our priorities as a nation.

Best place to live and work, 2019. 1. Switzerland 2. Singapore 3. Canada 4. Spain 6. Australia 7. Turkey 8. Germany 9. UAE 14. Ireland 16. Malaysia 17. France 18. India 20. Sweden 21. Mexico 23. US 26. China 27. UK 28. Italy 29. Saudi 31. Indonesia 32. Japan 33. Brazil (HSBC)

Satisfied with way democracy is working. India: 79% Germany: 73% Canada: 70% Indonesia: 69% Russia: 59% UK: 52% Poland: 51% Japan: 50% US: 46% South Africa: 43% Nigeria: 41% France: 34% Brazil: 28% Venezuela: 25% Spain: 25% Lebanon: 8% Mexico: 6% (Pew Research)

GDP growth, 2019 India: 6.1% China: 6.1% Indonesia: 5% Pakistan: 3.3% US: 2.4% Nigeria: 2.3% Spain: 2.2% Netherlands: 1.8% Canada: 1.5% France: 1.2% UK: 1.2% Russia: 1.1% Brazil: 0.9% Japan: 0.9% S Africa: 0.7% Germany: 0.5% Saudi: 0.2% Turkey: 0.2% Italy: 0% Iran: -9% (IMF)

Heartiest greetings to my dear friend @AbeShinzo  on his big election win. Look forward to further strengthen India-Japan relations with him.