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The Stimulus Bill Specifies States Cannot Use Covid-19 Aid to Cut Taxes. 5 states Sued. Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen offered this copout. States can reduce taxes if they offset the revenue. Effectively, states can reduce taxes if they raise other taxes.

The American economy could use a healthy dose of tax-and-spend liberalism. As janet yellen'>Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen noted, “By choosing to compete on taxes, we’ve neglected to compete on the skill of our workers and the strength of our infrastructure.”

"I worry about the Fed. I worry about Janet Yellen at the Treasury...They don't really understand how much has changed in this market, and how their manipulation of the market has destroyed price discovery...I think the Fed will be buying Treasury bonds forever." - Chris Whalen

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US officials in expanded bilat for 1st foreigner leader visit are (left to right) Gina Raimondo, Lloyd Austin, Tony Blinken, @PresElectBiden , Jake Sullivan, Janet Yellen, Kurt Campbell. They’re mee @sugawittering  with in State Dining Room.

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"Speaking on Monday prior to her engagement with the International Monetary Fund, janet yellen'>Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called for the G-20 countries to form what amounts to a tax cartel."

Going back to before his inauguration, Joe Biden's economic braintrust has obsessed over inflation. They've deployed every tool at their disposal - including the Janet Yellen Bat Signal - to determine the risks of overheating. Exclusive details:

Janet Yellen, Bitcoin and crypto fearmongers get pushback from former CIA Director

Janet Yellen, Bitcoin And Crypto Fearmongers Get Pushback From Former CIA Director via @forbes 

Oh SNAP! Janet Yellen, Bitcoin And Crypto Fearmongers Get Pushback From Former CIA Director via @forbes 


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Sec janet yellen'>Treasury Janet Yellen states: “Bitcoin is extremely inefficient.” Give me a break. Does she think printing trillions of fake dollars is efficient? Does she not know the more fake dollars she prints the more efficient and valuable Bitcoin becomes? God bless her.

Citadel got a great return on the $800k in speaking fees they paid Janet Yellen.

Speaking of Treasury, I see Joe Biden says he intends to nominate Janet Yellen, former chair of the Federal Reserve to run the treasury. Talk about letting the fox in the henhouse. AUDIT THE FED! AUDIT THE TREASURY! AUDIT YELLEN AND BIDEN!! AUDIT EVERYTHING!

Any Republican in Washington DC worth a damn should be calling for an immediate investigation into Robinhood and Citadel. And while they're at it, subpoena Janet Yellen & lets find out if there was pressure coming from the Biden Admin to protect their cronies on Wall Streeet!!!

janet yellen'>Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen just told us: “The smartest thing we can do is act big.” And that is just what this Senate is going to do: Act Big.

The Biden Administration has a serious issue with Janet Yellen overseeing GameStop situation. They cannot keep laughing it off and swatting softball reporter questions. Q. President Biden is does an economy that works for everyone mean a stock market that works for everyone?

I am so proud that the Senate will confirm Dr. Janet Yellen to be the first woman to ever hold the position of Treasury Secretary. She's a native of working-class Brooklyn, and no one has more experience for this job.

Unless JANET YELLEN receives a written waiver, she will be barred by her ethics agreement from participating in any matter involving CITADEL, which makes millions in fees from ROBINHOOD, until Oct. 2021 (or 1 year after her last paid speech to Citadel).

Janet Yellen would be an outstanding choice for Treasury Secretary. She is smart, tough, and principled. As one of the most successful Fed Chairs ever, she has stood up to Wall Street banks, including holding Wells Fargo accountable for cheating working families.

For months, I have repeatedly pressed Janet Yellen to hold Wells Fargo accountable for its fake accounts scam and push out responsible Board Members. Today she did it – in her last act as Fed Chair.