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Boris Johnson said he would publish “all the details” and his “communications” with james dyson'>Sir James Dyson. This has not happened, despite what the Prime Minister said at PMQs yesterday. 📒 👉

Jo Johnson did not join Dyson, the company. He joined the Dyson Institute for Engineering and Technology. And he did this before the texts between his brother and james dyson'>Sir James Dyson were sent.

Boris Johnson said he would publish “all the details” and his “communications” with james dyson'>Sir James Dyson. This has not happened. Instead a summary was published, and the PM now says he promised to publish “an account of his dealings” with the entrepreneur.

Bill Gates. Esther Dyson. Jeffrey Epstein. James Watson, noted eugenics proponent who was stripped of authority over explicit racism. Richard Feynman, also in John Brockman’s Epstein funded clique.

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"We voluntarily forwent the chance to reclaim £20 million of costs from the Government. We have never claimed any Covid support, including furlough, for any of our businesses, from any government anywhere." - james dyson'>Sir James Dyson#notdysongate 

"Don't the British people deserve a Prime Minister they can trust?" asks Sir Keir Starmer. In response, the PM says last week, the Labour leader "came to this chamber and he attacked me for talking to James Dyson about ventilators". Follow PMQs:

Uh-oh james dyson'>Sir James Dyson calls out @bbclaurak  and @BBCNews  for unfair and inaccurate reporting ... watch this space

James Dyson claims reporting around leaked texts to PM was a 'mischaracterisation'


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“The idea that the PM can give an assurance that someone won’t be subject to tax… I do find quite extraordinary as he’s in no position to do that legally.” - Former Attorney General Dominic Grieve on the PM’s texts to james dyson'>Sir James Dyson#Newsnight 

Here are the texts between Boris Johnson and businessman Sir James Dyson from March 2020. Mr Johnson says he will ‘fix’ the tax system for Dyson’s employees...

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I've taken calls this morning from a woman who sells ventilators, a medic who operates them in intensive care units & an engineer who fixes them. They are all, toput it mildly, utterly baffled by Boris Johnson's dealings with James Dyson.

James Dyson, who fired at least 590 British workers when he moved a factory abroad in 2002 & is worth almost £8 billion, thinks Brexit will let his company fire people more easily & pay less tax.

Brexit latest: When James Dyson became one of the vanishingly few prominent business people to claim that Brexit would be good for business, he obviously didn’t mean *his* business.

Dyson has designed and built an entirely new ventilator, called the "CoVent," since founder James Dyson received a call 10 days ago from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. "This new device can be manufactured quickly, efficiently and at volume," he said

Fair play to James Dyson for doing a full round of interviews, explaining his decision to cease to be a British business after assuring British people that Brexit would be good for British business. Waiting to hear what slot I get tomorrow. (Insert sarcasm emoji here...)

Today in Brexit: - Pro-leave MP urges Polish government to thwart will of UK parliament. - james dyson'>Arch-Brexiteer James Dyson relocates his business from UK to Singapore - Sony leaves UK for Holland - EU confirms no-deal crash-out would lead to hard border