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Steve Mills currently sits on the MSG Sports board of directors, as Knicks said was the intent when James Dolan fired him as team president in February. MSG Sports was spun off from MSG Co. in April; it encompasses the Knicks, Rangers, Westchester Knicks, and the training center.

The worst place in New York is wherever James Dolan is at any given moment

World Wide Wes has had James Dolan's ear for years

Also discussed: How @zbinney_NFLinj  and @CT_ Bergstrom feel about James L. Dolan's proposed concert at MSG for people with Covid-19 antibodies. "Absolutely terrible idea, " says Bergstrom.

Knicks once tried to lure LeBron James with elaborate ‘Sopranos’ pitch, but bumbling James Dolan wound up looking like Little Carmine

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God help me but James Dolan makes some sense here, and his proposal intriguing (destroy this message after reading) Let me hold a benefit concert, with fans tested for COVID antibodies: James Dolan

James Dolan wants to hold a benefit concert to show that New York doesn't have to be "the Chernobyl of the coronavirus pandemic." Here's a better way for Dolan to help New York: pay your property taxes.

"[James] Dolan has taken on their baggage,” Wallace told @ZachGelb . “Whoever they had beef with or problems with, now it’s going to come up and affect them now that they’ve got those executive positions with the #Knicks . This is a brain fart right here.”

Let me hold a benefit concert, with fans tested for COVID antibodies: James Dolan (James Dolan - @nypost )

James Dolan wants to hold a concert for COVID-19 recovery and have fans in MSG, all of whom would have antibodies. Not sure of safety of that (science on antibodies is murky). Would love to hear from experts like @angie_rasmussen  on that idea/its safety.

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Worth noting that James Dolan is a Trump supporter and donor. He pledged $300k to Trump’s 2016 campaign, then donated $125k to get him re-elected.

Knicks announce owner James Dolan has tested positive for the coronavirus.

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A fan told Knicks owner James Dolan to sell the team and he reacted by kicking him out of MSG and telling him to "Enjoy watching them on TV." ? (via )

Knicks owner James Dolan is targeting Toronto's Masai Ujiri to replace Phil Jackson as N.Y.'s President, league sources tell @TheVertical .

Second developer of WikiLeaks inspired submission system "SecureDrop", security expert James Dolan, aged 36, has tragically died. He is said to have committed suicide. The first, Aaron Swartz, is said to have taken his own life at age 26, after being persecuted by US prosecutors.

With Durant and Kyrie choosing the Nets, it is time for James Dolan to look in the mirror and sell the #Knicks . His utter and humiliating failure at handling a New York sports institution is now complete. Take the billions and go home, Jim.

James Dolan didn’t want to give Kevin Durant the max. The Knicks gonna choose Julius Randle over KD

"Sell the team, man!" @Matt_Barnes22  says there is no hope for the Knicks as long as James Dolan is the owner.

Weirdest NBA stories of the season, updated. 1. Magic Quits press conference 2. Draymond-KD Spat 3. AD throws away a year of his prime 4. Carmelo doesn’t make it to 2019 5. Butler vs. Minnesota 6. Bulls create a Leadership Committee 7. Anything James Dolan did

james dolan'>Owner James Dolan is weighing the future of Phil Jackson as New York Knicks President, league sources tell @TheVertical . Story online soon.