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Expected topics are cyberattacks, rising military aggression in Ukraine and alleged human rights abuses, U.S. officials said. National security adviser Jake Sullivan said the meeting is intended to put "guardrails" on a strained geopolitical relationship.

With Biden in Putin mtg tomorrow: nat sec adviser Jake Sullivan, ambassador John Sullivan, undersec of State Victoria Nuland, NSC Russia aides Eric Green & Stergos Kaloudis. Biden dined tonight at his hotel in Geneva with @SecBlinken  and @JakeSullivan46 .

Those favoring sanctioning Nord Stream 2 without waivers included Blinken, Victoria Nuland and Wendy Sherman. Jake Sullivan and Jon Finer have emerged as a powerful duo in moving the administration toward a more calibrated approach (cooperation+confrontation)

Before night 3 finals at #SwimTrials21 , here is what happened to @CarmelSwimming  on Monday night. Drew Kibler and Jake Mitchell tonight will try to become Carmel's first U.S. Olympic swimmers.

“You killed my baby,” the woman, whose son Devaughn Gibson was killed at the party, screamed as she ran toward accused shooter Tevin Biles-Thomas.

• “Actual Life,” Fred.Again “Fred Gibson weaves voice memos from friends and Instagram soundbites into beatific house beats, creating both a deep intimacy and a party soundtrack that begs to be spun at newly reopened nightclubs,” writes @andrewrchow 

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@John_Hudson  reports that Jake Sullivan and Jon Finer at the NSC clashed with & defeated Blinken, Wendy Sherman and Toria Nuland at State on Russia policy:

Gibson embezzler ordered to pay $1.6 million, spend nearly 3 years in prison

Me seeing so many positive projections for Antonio Gibson's 2021 season

“It used to always be like, ‘Was Josh Gibson considered one of the greatest Black baseball players?’ Well, now we can say Josh is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time.” Some stats are still a work in progress, as gaps are filled.


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Snoop Dogg’s commentary during Nate Robinson vs Jake Paul ??

#BREAKING : YouTuber Jake Paul has been charged with criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly after video shows him alongside looters in Scottsdale. STORY: #abc15 

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Shocked to hear that Jake Paul is being raided. He was always a beacon of morality, a guiding light, did what was right, rarely faltered, a true role model, a down-to-earth soul, never one to toot his own horn, a leader to look up to, fun for the whole family, a hero

I’m only surprised by Mel Gibson’s “oven dodger” comment because it acknowledges the Holocaust actually happened.

Jake, this wasn’t a Trump Rally, but rather a very successful gathering of the great Sheriffs and Law Enforcement (of Florida) who gave me their unequivocal ENDORSEMENT. No Defund the Police here. Best Wishes!

They, and the Lamestream Media (including Jake), have spent 3 1/2 years illegally smearing me. They got caught!

1. Surprised?  Powell voted for Obama against McCain and Romney.  Good job, Jake.  What a real journalist.  Another media jerk trying to turn these riots into a referendum on the president.

Jake, I’m sorry that you’re more upset (Triggered!) about a joke meme than you are @JoeBiden’s gross habit of touching & sniffing young girls. I can’t imagine most parents would be comfortable with Biden touching their daughters in the manner seen below…I know I wouldn’t be!