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Thousands of women rallied in Turkey yesterday against the rising number of femicides and cases of domestic violence. They do not want the government to withdraw from the landmark Istanbul Convention — an international treaty against gender-based violence.

Why has Turkish Airlines been allowed to make Istanbul a key hub for India-Europe travellers? If India encourages direct flights to Athens once Covid fades, Greece could be a far more attractive option for Indian travellers. Turkey can watch from the sidelines. (2/2)

Also by the way, it’s called the “IstanbulConvention” because that’s where it first became open for signature in 2011. Turkey was also the first to ratify it the following year. The irony is that now Turkey is leading the charge to leave it.

By the way, Turkey isn’t the only country with a ruling party that has made the Istanbul Treaty a boogeyman. Poland and Hungary also have conservative leaders calling it a vehicle for “gender identity” activists and the “LGBT agenda”

Chelsea go to Bayern Munich tomorrow night needing a miracle to qualify - last time Chelsea were in Munich, Didier Drogba produced one. Apart from Istanbul, was this the most unexpected comeback in Champions League history? #MomentReanim888ed 

Arda Turan rejoined Galatasaray on Wednesday. But before he did, he sat down with @RorySmith  on a sunny terrace in Istanbul to discuss what had gone right at Barcelona before everything went all wrong.


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Turkish soccer fans threaten to boycott broadcaster BeIN Sports after Istanbul-based club Fenerbahce clashed with authorities over spending limits on player transfers


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Istanbul? Who are these "leaders"! Stop attacking innocent happy people who are celebrating this is madness! This is inhumane!

I had some amazing years in Istanbul. I really love this club, the city and the fans. Thank you all for everything ❤ #Cimbom  #Galatasaray 

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"WE SAID WE NEEDED AN ISTANBUL AND WE'VE DONE IT!! JÜRGEN IS ON THE PITCH...EVERYONE IS ON THE PITCH!" Tonight's 'Match in a Minute' is simply unmissable!! ??? #AllezAllezAllez 

Seven months ago, Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul for marriage papers while his fiancee waited outside. He was brutally murdered & dismembered by Saudi agents & never seen again. Today is #WorldPressFreedomDay  We will continue to cover this story.

Five months ago, Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul for marriage papers & was murdered by Saudi agents. His body has still not been found & WH has still not delivered mandated report to Congress on who was responsible. We continue to cover this story.