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3,100 rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians. Say it with us: HAMAS IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION #israelUnderAttack 

Here's what it's like for young Israelis living under rocket fire. @YouthforIL  #IsraelUnderAttack 

Shabbat Shalom from Israel. Praying for better times. #IsraelUnderAttack 

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⚠️⚠️Happening right now: rocket alarms sounding all over Israel THIS IS NOT NORMAL. #IsraelUnderAttack 

A great honor to be in Israel with @IDFfan  to show solidarity on behalf of American Jewry with #IsraelUnderAttack 

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Hamas rockets from #Gaza  take 15 seconds to HIT AND KILL. Would you make it? #IsraelUnderAttack 

Sad news. 50 year old man has succumbed to his wounds in the first attack on my town, Ramat Gan this afternoon. #IsraelUnderAttack