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Canadian school cancels ISIS survivor Nadia Murad over Islamophobia fears

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Pleased to join so many @UKLabour  colleagues at #LNW21  to mark Islamophobia Awareness Month. We pledge to do all we can to tackle this insidious hatred, which has real-life implications for Muslim communities in the UK and beyond. #IAM2021  @MuslimCouncil  @AmnestyUK 

Canadian school CANCELS event with ISIS survivor Nadia Murad because her harrowing description of torture and rape 'would be offensive to Muslims and foster Islamophobia'

This week my friend @ApsanaBegumMP  gave a powerful speech about the Islamophobia she's faced since becoming an MP. Racists want to drive people like us out of politics. We're not going to let them! 💪🏽💕

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Prominent Muslims in Bollywood appear to be targeted "for speaking up against Islamophobia....[T]he cases against them are part of a more insidious campaign to intimidate Muslims and liberals associated with Bollywood."

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“Pathetic!” @GOPLeader ⁩ Kevin McCarthy blasted for issuing statement on Lauren Boebert that fails to condemn her sick and dangerous Islamophobia. At the same event, she also made homophobic remarks about Pete Buttigieg. #ExpelLaurenBoebert 

I met today with @NottinghamMWN  to discuss their work empowering Muslim women, tackling gendered Islamophobia, and #IslamophobiaAwarenessMonth . In times of immense darkness, phenomenal women like these are shining lights. I’m proud to work with them for our city.

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A) Hse Dem ldrshp team on Boebert: Racism and bigotry of any form, including Islamophobia, must always be called out, confronted and condemned in any place it is found.  This is particularly true in the halls of Congress, which are the very heart of our democracy.

Hijabberwocky, aka Sara Kadry, is a full-time gaming content creator who also wears the hijab. She's building a positive and inclusive community, even though she deals with Islamophobia and bigotry on a daily basis.


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This morning I posted about racist abuse emailed to me. This afternoon I checked my emails again. Islamophobia must be called out.

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This wasn't an easy speech to give, but I can't be silent about Islamophobia.

If you foment hatred against Muslims don't offer your sympathy when hatred kills Jews. Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are two symptoms of the same white nationalist disease. You either fight them both or you are complicit in them both.

To the Muslim community in London and to Muslims across the country, know that we stand with you. Islamophobia has no place in any of our communities. This hate is insidious and despicable - and it must stop.

France made face masks mandatory in public — but its ban on face veils, burqas and niqabs is still in force. Officials told @washingtonpost  women who wear them as face coverings can be punished with fines. @hrw 's director said: "Can the Islamophobia be more transparent?"

Today @BorisJohnson  will receive Hungary's former president Viktor Orbán. Johnson must challenge Orbán on his government's Holocaust revisionism, antisemitism & Islamophobia, and physical abuse of detained refugees.

We’ve recently seen disturbing antisemitic attacks and a troubling rise in Islamophobia. If you are committed to a future of equality and peaceful coexistence, please stand united against anyone who promotes hatred of any kind.

25 years ago this week, 8,000 Bosnian men and boys were massacred at Srebrenica. Many of them were blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white Europeans. Murdered by fellow white Europeans. But they were Muslim. Islamophobia kills. Islamophobia leads to genocide. #Bosnia  #Rohingya  #Uighurs 

This retweet by the president will get not even 1% of the coverage that the Omar or Tlaib tweets that were accused of being antisemitic got. Which is yet another reminder that barely anyone in US politics or the media really gives a damn about anti Muslim bigotry or Islamophobia.