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@shadihamid  Islamism, not Islam. When you will live in a country where radical islamists incite to hatred or kill Women, Jews, cartoonists, youngs, almost every two month since 8 years, you will start to understand that it’s a problem.

Islamists attack three French military bases in Mali: Al Qaeda-linked Islamist fighters rocketed French military bases in Kidal, Menaka and Gao in northern Mali within the space of a few hours on Monday morning.

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Islamists On Motorcycles Mount 'Most Violent Attack On Civilians This Year' In NigeriaAxUbpOJUMe#zerohedge 

Interesting stats on UK Prevent's Channel programme: (1) Islamists now represent just under 1/3 of interventions; (2) share of right-wing extremism increasing year on year; (3) "mixed, unstable" rising too, highlighting significance of mental health.

By championing freedom from religion while trampling freedom of religion, Macron is discrediting the Enlightenment in the eyes of Muslims—and strengthening the Islamists he vows…


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Islamists behead more than 50 people on a football pitch in Mozambique

#Breaking | Bangladeshi cricket Shakib-al-Hasan forced to apologise for attending Kali Pujo in Kolkata, fearing death threats from Islamists.

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They mocked me when I said years ago on Fox that communists, radicals, anarchists, & Islamists would one day work together. Well, that day is now. Tonight, I connect the dots and expose how BLM has united with Islamists & communists to DISMANTLE the West.

Islamists and commies trending #Boycott Amul. Please start buying lots of extra Amul milk, butter and chocolates to make this trend a roaring success :-)

Hillary Clinton Knew She Was Helping Islamists Move Into Power In Libya #WikiLeaks  #PodestaEmails 

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After #Nizamuddin , those Tiktok videos and Islamists’ speeches worldwide, Indian agencies should seriously probe if #CoronaJihad  is a ground reality.

The Left, like radical islamists and authoritarian states, hate ⁦ @realDonaldTrump ⁩’s patriotism and resolve: @POTUS  confronts Iran with strength – Obama showed weakness and Iran became more dangerous

For a paper that thinks it’s qualified to rewrite American history, the NY Slimes doesn’t have much grasp on recent history. Twin Towers NOT brought down because “airplanes took aim” at them, but b/c radical Islamists hijacked planes & took aim at them.

Our nation is in a security crisis byuncertain behaviour of Pak on west &north west, China in north & north east, commercial outlook of Russia, islamists'>Jehadi Islamists & ISIS in south, and TDK driven subversion in internal politics. Requires out of box thinking which Namo is capable of

AltNews co-founder caught shielding Islamists following the Sri Lanka terror attacks via @opindia_com