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The S-400/OTRK "Iskander-M" air defense system from the Northeast is operating in Kyiv.

Western regions of Ukraine were under attack by OTRK "Iskander" from the Northeast.

The threat of the use of ground-based SAMS complexes in the East of Ukraine. S-300 air defense system (up to 100 km for ground targets from the launch point). "Iskander" (up to 500 km from the launch point).

Getting word that a critical bridge just west of Bakhmut, in Khromove, has been taken out by Russian forces, acc to police in Konstantinyvka and a special forces in Bakhmut. The soldier said it was a missile strike, likely an Iskander.

O)n Feb 20, Russians hit thr outskirts of Zaporizhzhia City, according to preliminary data, with Iskander-K missiles - oblast administration No one was injured, one of the missiles blew up in a field, the blast wave damaged a home and a car. 📷

Iskander Yasaveyev, who was released from jail on February 9, told RFE/RL that living in Tatarstan, and in Russia in general, "makes more sense [for me] than living outside the country."

Russian authorities seek 9-year prison term for journalist Maria Ponomarenko, detain RFE/RL columnist Iskander Yasaveyev

#Russia  authorities should immediately release Maria Ponomarenko & Iskander Yasaveyev, drop all charges against them, & stop punishing members of the press who have courageously remained in Russia despite the country’s clampdown on the media. @gulnozas , @CPJ_Eurasia 

“By requesting a nine-year prison term for Maria Ponomarenko and arresting Iskander Yasaveyev, the Russian government is showing its firm resolve to punish any independent reporting on the war in Ukraine,” said @gulnozas  , @CPJ_Eurasia  program coordinator.


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RUFootage Iskander operational-tactical missile system in action during special military operation

Another horrific Russian missile attack on civilians. An Iskander-K missile struck and destroyed an apartment building in central Kramatorsk, killing 3, injuring 18, says @SESU_UA . Eight other apartment buildings damaged. 📸: State Emergency Service

Russia terrorizes Ukraine with 9M727 Iskander cruise missiles launched from 9K720 Iskander short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) system, aka by some as "hospital killer." 9M727 Iskander contains 20 Western components. 15 of them are US-made. Read more ⤵️:

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The Saudis will return to Ukraine the Grim-2 missile system bought from it, which is more reliable than Iskander and fires missiles further, 700 km. That is, the missiles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will reach moscow.

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Ukraine’s military intelligence chief says 222 out of 330 Iranian kamikaze drones have been shot down. Says Russia’s stock of Iskander missiles down to 13%, Kalibrs and X-101 at over 40% of prewar levels.

Article 4. Russia's agrees to withdraw Iskander missiles from Kalingrad. 4/

Ukraine's Operational Command "North" announces Ukraine's Army has destroyed a division of Iskander-M ballistic operational and tactical missile systems in Chernihiv Oblast. Their missiles are capable of carrying nuclear warheads, cluster munitions, and others

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Russia destroyed solar power plant in Merefa, Kharkiv Oblast Two Iskander missiles came from Belgorod Oblast overnight into May 28. CCTV cameras captured the impacts which left behind six-meter-deep and 11-meter-wide craters. 📹Suspilne Kharkiv

The Aerospace Defence Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Defence in Tver was on fire today. Reportedly, it developed Russian Iskander missiles along with other air technologies. Russian media reported about 5 dead. 📹 By a local resident

Russian Iskander hit Kramatorsk railway station. Police reports dozens of dead and injured. "Thousands were there during missile strike as Donetsk Obl residents are being evacuated.Ruscists aimed there to take as many peaceful lives as possible"–Obl.Head

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