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ILMohammad Abu Adra's background allowed him to move freely between Rehovot in #Israel  and Rafah in #Gaza  via the Erez crossing, aiding his work for #Hamas  collecting information on the Iron Dome defense system. Report by @AlexWin19095726 

An #Israeli  citizen gathered information regarding Iron Dome locations for #Hamas , a Shin Bet investigation revealed.

For the #soldiers  of the Iron Dome battalion defending #Israel ’s South, there is no difference between their day-to-day lives and an emergency – they are always on guard. By @udi_shaham  | #IDF 

In yet another step to improve #Israel ’s air defense system, the @Israel_MOD  announced on Monday that it successfully completed a series of tests in the upgraded Iron Dome weapon system.

Israel holds fresh trials of upgraded Iron Dome due to be installed on ships

“Iron Gulf”: Israel's Iron Dome Systems To Be Deployed At US Bases In Persian Gulf #zerohedge 

Israel allows U.S. to deploy Iron Dome missile defense in the Gulf

Israel allows U.S. to deploy Iron Dome missile defense in the Gulf


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As families around the world sit around their Christmas trees, families in southern Israel are running to bomb shelters. 2 rockets were just fired from Gaza toward Israel. The Iron Dome Aerial Defense System intercepted both rockets.

RAW FOOTAGE: The moment the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System intercepted 7 rockets fired from #Gaza  at #Israel .

Dear @NikkiHaley  - last night u asked ? “Where was @JoeBiden  when Hamas was attacking Israel and no one was doing anything?” I’ll tell you. He was getting an emergency appropriations bill thru Congress to replenish Iron Dome defensive missiles. Where were you? #Biden2020  #Biden 

On Hanukkah, the festival of miracles, Israel's modern miracle—the Iron Dome—just intercepted a rocket mid-air after it was fired from #Gaza  at Israeli civilians.

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1 rocket every 7 minutes. That's how often Islamic Jihad has been firing rockets into Israel since yesterday morning. Israel’s Iron Dome intercepted over 90% of the rockets before they could reach Israeli homes.

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BREAKING: A rocket was just fired from #Gaza  at #Israel . Thankfully, the rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System.

In the middle of a LIVE broadcast from a home hit by a rocket, this Israeli journalist runs for shelter as 4 more rockets are fired towards where he is reporting. Watch as the Iron Dome intercepts them LIVE on air.

The last 48 hours in Israel: 690 rockets fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians 240 Iron Dome Aerial Defense System interceptions 210,000 children had school cancelled 4 Israeli civilians killed

RAW FOOTAGE: This is what it looks like when rockets are intercepted right above your home. 10-12 rockets were fired from #Gaza  at #Israel , the Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted several.

OVER THE LAST HOUR: 80+ rockets fired from #Gaza  at innocent Israelis. The Iron Dome intercepted several of them. We are currently striking terror targets in the Gaza Strip.