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The 92-year-old author on US foreign policy and Ireland’s immoral tax regime

After COVID, there will a rebirth, a fresh start, a new joy in the old relationship between the United States and Ireland#irish  #ustravel  #travelireland 

But Ireland was part of the UK at the time. So the British Government presided over the deaths of over a million of its own citizens in the space of six years, and actively encouraged a further million to emigrate. It is a terrible, terrible episode in British history.

#Podcast Ireland' alt='BKNTIreland' /'>#BKNTIreland  is facing a tsunami of separations and divorce following the pandemic. So says , @1familyirelandIreland 's national organisation for one-parent families. Hear their CEO, Karen Kiernan go through the findings, here:

Tactics board: @ShaneKeegan81  looks back at how Ireland’s two impressive victories this week were achieved in a very different manner

Yet again, Ireland is facing into a tricky and dangerous autumn and winter period with Covid

'We bailed out Ireland!' Varadkar Brexit rant unravels after claim UK 'doesn’t keep word'

Brexit and Northern Ireland: Deal or no deal? That’s the question on this week’s #AllOutPolitics  podcast. @adamboultonSKY  is joined by @Kirkbytop  @StefanieBolzen  and @joncraig  to assess what happens next. 🎧 Listen here 👇


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Weeks of paid family leave by country: UK: 39 Ireland: 26 Finland: 23.5 Australia: 18 Denmark: 18 France: 16 Switzerland: 14 USA: Zero This is an absolute travesty.

Weeks of paid maternity leave by country: UK: 39 Ireland: 26 Australia: 18 Denmark: 18 Finland: 17.5 Canada: 17 France: 16 Switzerland: 14 Iceland: 13 USA: Zero This is an absolute travesty.

A woman in Ireland demonstrated a helpful way to explain the importance of washing your hands to kids by doing an experiment that shows how quickly black pepper particles acting as a virus coronavirus move away as soon as the child has soap on his hands.

The Good Friday Agreement is the bedrock of peace in ireland'>Northern Ireland. If the U.K. violates its international agreements & Brexit undermines the Good Friday accord, there will be absolutely no chance of a U.S.-U.K. trade agreement passing the Congress.

If you ever want to know what it was like growing up in rural Ireland, the first two episodes of ‘Normal people’ is a fair assessment ? . Think I also might love marianne

This week, a govt minister promoted far right lies & went unpunished. The Prime Minister & the Health Secretary lied about care homes. Johnson was shown to have lied about customs checks in Northern Ireland. Teachers were maligned, lockdown chaos escalated & the R number went up.

....I want to thank Acting Chief Mick Mulvaney for having served the Administration so well. He will become the United States Special Envoy for Northern Ireland. Thank you!

The Irish leaders’ debate is really quite shocking. The three leaders have a detailed grasp of complex welfare and tax issues, they are polite and courteous, they admit mistakes, they say sorry. They might even be largely honest. Why is all that possible in Ireland but not here?

Best holiday destinations, 2020. 1. Pakistan 2. Plymouth, UK 3. Kyrgyzstan 4. Armenia 5. Salvador, Brazil 6. Kangaroo Island, Australia 7. Galway, Ireland 8. Siargao, Philippines 9. Paris, France 10. Egadi Islands, Italy (CN Traveller)