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Iran's contact-tracing app reveals living in a busy city does NOT increase chance of catching Covid

Listening to a distressing account on Clubhouse from a doctor working on a COVID ward in Iran. She says we’re not even at a stage where we can discuss vaccinations. We’re still struggling with shortages of masks, gloves & medication.

▪️ Pfizer says third vaccine dose may be needed ▪️ Global Covid-19 death toll nears 3 million ▪️ US Secretary of State in Afghanistan after troop withdrawal date set ▪️ Iran and US ‘walking on thin ice’ over nuclear talks

Iran’s ambassador to Moscow says Tehran has signed a contract with Russia to purchase 60 million doses of the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine.

Biden to pull US forces out of Afghanistan by September 11 • Drone attacks American base in IraqEuropean powers warn Iran over 'dangerous' uranium enrichment move • India’s Covid-19 second wave sees queues of ambulances and full crematoriums

#Iran to purchase 60 million COVID-19 vaccines from Russia (from @AP’s @AmirhVahdat ⁩)

Iran to purchase 60 million COVID-19 vaccines from Russia

Iran sees rising COVID-19 death rate if lockdown rules breached

As Iran struggles to secure vaccines against COVID-19, clerics are pushing unproven remedies. From @isocockerell  via @CodaStory :

Iran nuke deal talks in Vienna delayed as Europe delegation member infected with COVID-19


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I spoke with Prime Minister@netanyahu  of Israel. @PresElectBiden  and I are unwavering in our commitment to Israel’s security. We discussed COVID-19, coordination on Iran, Israel’s warming relations with Arab countries, and advancing peace and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians.

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2020 - Trump acquitted - US-Iran tensions - Coronavirus pandemic - Market crash, global recession - Olympics postponed - Black Lives Matter rallies - Trump tests positive for COVID - Armenia-Azerbaijan war - Biden wins US election - Covid vaccines

COVID-19 deaths per million people. Belgium: 985 Spain: 767 Brazil: 750 US: 710 Mexico: 705 UK: 684 Argentina: 680 Italy: 640 Sweden: 587 France: 560 Iran: 413 S Africa: 324 Canada: 268 Russia: 190 Saudi: 152 Germany: 126 Turkey: 120 India: 90 Indonesia: 51 Japan: 13 Malaysia: 8

Iran has furloughed thousands of prisoners amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Who stays behind bars? Writer and human rights activist Nasrin Sotoudeh, now enduring a grueling hunger strike. Join me and @PENamerican  in demanding her release #FreeNasrin 

COVID-19 deaths. US: 171,500 Brazil: 106,571 Mexico: 55,908 India: 49,134 UK: 41,358 Italy: 35,234 France: 30,406 Spain: 28,617 Peru: 25,856 Iran: 19,331 Russia: 15,498 Colombia: 14,492 South Africa: 11,556 Chile: 10,340 Belgium: 9924 Germany: 9289 Canada: 9020 Netherlands: 6167

We have learned of the 1st positive case of COVID-19 in NY. The patient contracted the virus while in Iran & is isolated There is no reason for undue anxiety—the general risk remains low in NY. We are diligently managing this situation &will provide info as it becomes available.

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When the deaths did not add up to projections, the authorities started massively cooking the books, counting every "probable" covid death as a covid death. While the US accused China and Iran of misreporting the numbers, the US is doing the same thing on a much larger scale.

Now For Some Really, Really Good News on COVID-19: - Over 5,000 Americans recovered just yesterday - NYC Epidemic Curve is Flattening - Projections of American Hospital beds needed dropped by 45%, death forecast by 12% - Italy, Spain and Iran cases *decreasing* (data attached)

Coronavirus: Iran frees 85,000 prisoners to combat spread of COVID-19

In Iran and China, the authoritarian instinct to deny and obfuscate has only aided the spread of covid-19

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