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What is the best & worst thing about the area you live in? That’s one of the big questions ahead of the #Localgovernmentelections  just days away. New data compiled by eNCA & Ipsos shows that over a third of citizens think their local government is doing well. #DStv403 

Credit Morning 10/22/2021: Fnac Darty: a very good Q3 and a reassuring message about supplies Ipsos reported strong sales growth in Q3 and raised 2021 guidance>... [...]

$IPS #Ipsos  S.A. Ipsos : Still robust activity over the summer: >An unsurprising slowdown in organic growth in Q3, albeit at a still high level - Ipsos has reported Q3 sales slightly above our forecasts in absolute value terms (€ 526m… #equity  #stocks 

eNCA in partnership with research group Ipsos is releasing the first set of data relating to the local elections. The focus is how connected residents are with their ward councillors. We speak to Mari Harris Director at Ipsos. #DStv403  #TheMomentOfThruth , #2021MunicipalElections 

Political divisions and health care costs are the top two issues on the minds of teens today, according to new Washington Post/Ipsos polling.

Public opinion research conducted by Ipsos MORI has found that the UK public is as concerned about misinformation as immigration and Brexit. The government must do more in its Online Safety Bill to address the harms from false information. 📒 👉

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Avg Emergency Brake Applied NYT & CNN 2020 exit poll data indicates act voter party splits at D37, R36 & IND27 or D+1 Our Likely Voter weights: D38, R36, IND 26 or D+2 IPSOS All Adults here weighted D45, R40, IND15 or D+5 All Adults don't vote. Registered or Likely voters do.

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Recent Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll shows FF and FG trailing far behind Sinn Féin


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BREAKING: A narrow majority of Americans (56%) say former President Donald Trump should be convicted and barred from holding office again, according to a new @ABC  News/Ipsos poll.

BREAKING: A majority of the country believes Pres. Trump should be removed from office before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in, and two-thirds hold him accountable for the violent insurrection on Capitol Hill, new @ABC  News /Ipsos poll finds.

BREAKING: More than two-thirds of Americans (68%) approve of Pres. Joe Biden's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, per a new @ABC  News/Ipsos poll.

ABC News/Ipsos poll: 58% of Americans say that Donald Trump should have been convicted at his impeachment trial

Fifty-seven percent of Americans want President Trump to be immediately removed from office, a @Reuters  / Ipsos poll shows

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NEW: An overwhelming 71% of Americans say they don't trust Sen. Ted Cruz to defend democracy, according to new @ABC  News/Ipsos poll, including 47% who don't trust him at all.

REUTERS/IPSOS POLL: About 80% of Americans, including more than half of Republicans, say Biden won presidential race

ABC/Ipsos poll on Trump’s handling of America’s twin crises: coronavirus 39% approve 60% disapprove Floyd protests 32% approve 66% disapprove

new Reuters/Ipsos national poll: Biden 48% Trump 35%

57% of Americans believe President Trump committed an impeachable offense, according to a FiveThirtyEight and Ipsos poll.