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Jackpot: Ten New Billionaires From IPOs In 2021

Jackpot: Ten New Billionaires From IPOs In 2021

The CFO of Dun &Bradstreet explains how the company transitioned its core systems to the cloud and pulled off one of the pandemic's biggest tech IPOs- Presented by @DellTech 

Follow the money: These are the deals, financings and IPOs that caught our eye this week

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US IPOs hit annual record in less than six months, @Reuters  rpts: #WallStreet 

#BSWebExclusive | How to check live subscription status for IPOs on NSE and BSE? #MarketsWithBS  #IPO2021 

KIMS, ipos'>Dodla Dairy IPOs: Grey market premiums increase on day 2 of bidding; should you subscribe? #IPO  #DodlaDairyIPO  #kimsIPO  #stockmarkets 

#IPOTracker | It's day 2 of subscription for KIMS and ipos'>Dodla Dairy IPOs, check it out!

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Don't expect the noise around $DKNG and $RIDE to derail the improved SPAC narrative. ipos'>Stronger IPOs, smooth votes, and more S-1 activity all point to a healthier #SPAC  market:


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2021 Returns... Dogecoin $DOGE: +7,326% GameStop $GME: +1,174% AMC $AMC: +940% Koss $KOSS: +508% Express $EXPR: +410% Ethereum $ETH: +287% Bitcoin $BTC: +39% S&P $SPY: +13% Bonds $BND: -3% IPOs $IPO: -6% ARK $ARKK: -11% Tesla $TSLA: -12% SPACs $SPAK: -13% Volatility $VIX: -26%

In my 12th update on COVID markets, I argue that it is the resilience of risk capital (VC, IPOs, high yield debt) that explains both the market comeback and why risky stocks are doing better than safe ones. The "Fed did it" is too easy & lazy an answer.

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2020 IPOs vs. offering price Li Auto $LI: +254% Palantir $PLTR: +191% Unity $U: +164% Snowflake $SNOW: +152% ZoomInfo $ZI: +124% Bentley $BSY: +62% JFrog $FROG: +52% Duck Creek $DCT: +47% GoodRX $GDRX: +17% Rocket $RKT: +13% Sumo $SUMO: +7% Asana $ASAN: -8% Mcafee $MCFE: -18%

November... Moderna $MRNA: +126% Bitcoin $GBTC: +51% Tesla $TSLA: +46% Carnival Cruise $CCL: +46% Oil & Gas Producers $XOP: +33% Airlines $JETS: +30% IPOs $IPO: +27% Crude Oil: +27% Russell 2000: +18% Dow: +12% S&P 500: +11% Nasdaq 100: +11% Gold: -5% Volatility Index $VIX: -46%

Money Raised in US IPOs (in Billions) 2020: $167 2019: $62 2018: $61 2017: $49 2016: $24 2015: $36 2014: $96 2013: $62 2012: $47 2011: $41 2010: $44 2009: $27 2008: $31 2007: $65 2006: $50 2005: $44 2004: $52 2003: $18 2002: $27 2001: $46 2000: $107 1999: $108 1998: $57 1997: $79

Airbnb is set to IPO at a $47 billion valuation today. This puts it among the most valuable tech listings in history and makes it one of the three biggest IPOs of 2020. @emilychangtv  speaks with CEO and Co-Founder Brian Chesky ▶️

Some encouragement to comment on $SNOW IPO. While it would be easy to do normal post wrt mispricing, it is important to understand what is different here from other IPOs. The most important data is broad (40 years of underpricing, 2020 worst year yet), vs. 1 company. [cont]

We've compressed like 12 cycles into a single year: Fastest 30% bear mkt from ATHs ever Double-digit unemployment Oil at -$37/barrel Lowest mortgage rates ever Tech stocks going crazy Day-trading like the dot-com bubble Gold at ATHs IPOs on fire Long-term bonds +30%

The SEC should block IPOs for Chinese companies Didn’t last month’s Luckin Coffee scandal show us why no new listings from #China  should be allowed until US regulators can inspect the books of all firms who wish to be traded on our exchanges?

Goldman to refuse IPOs if all company directors are white, straight men