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The #IoT  Plug and Play device certification program is now available. Explore the common ecosystem challenges and business motivations for pursuing IoT Plug and Play certification:

Add "Plug and Play" to your IoT solutions | Internet of Things Show

Now, solution developers can use IoT Plug and Play devices in their #IoT  solutions. Learn more and see how device partners can get into the Azure IoT device catalog quickly:

Deep Dive: Build Solutions and Certify Devices with IoT Plug and Play. Live in 5 Minutes! via @YouTube 

Read more about the #AzureIoT  Tools August update, with details on #IoT  Plug and Play tooling, ARM64 IoT Edge devices, and more:

IoT Plug and Play & Azure IoT Central making IoT simpler than ever | Internet of Things Show

This week end with Fauna introducing a serverless database service, IoT Plug and Play now available in preview, and Oculus Insight@fauna 

Any customer, no matter where they’re starting from, can easily create trusted, connected solutions with #Azure  IoT Central and #IoT  Plug and Play. Take a look at the new capabilities: