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$AMC - AMC: Danger Signals For Investors And Speculators. #stockmarket  #stocks  #trading 

Foreign investors are piling back into Canada’s $3.2 trillion stock market after a pandemic-driven exodus

remember that time THE ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA LEGALIZED CANNABIS and stocks sold off bc banks restricted access to investors? that was frustrating for sure but man those generational opps were killer. US#cannabis  🌿

"US investors hunt for yield in junk-rated municipal debt" REACH!

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If you bet on the Fed doing the reasonable thing at the reasonable time based on developments you will be ahead of 90% of investors.

Here’s a trade that could return 9% as investors flee this sector of stocks.

Sorry, kids. You're now competing with Blackstone. $BX "Blackstone President Jon Gray...says now is still a good time to invest in property...for investors who have $100,000 to invest today, Gray said he’d put it in real estate."

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As investors eye rising prices, are there ways to manage a portfolio to offset some of the effects of inflation? Mark Riepe and Kathy Jones discuss inflation history and recent fears of rising prices.

iMining Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Inc., Giving Investors Exposure to Digital Currency, CEO Clip Video Full Story: $IMIN.CA @BTVCeoClips  #iMining  #CEOClips  #CEOInterview  #CompanyFeature  #Blockchain  #SmallCaps  #TSXV  #Investing 


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An utterly crushing day for Big Oil 1) Chevroninvestors demand emission cuts 2) Dutch court tells Shell to cut emissions by half 3) Exxon shareholders buck the company and elect directors demanding climate action. Thanks to all who fight--you push long enough and dominoes tumble

Investors are snapping up single-family homes, competing with ordinary Americans, driving up prices beyond the reach of many, and fueling the next real estate bubble

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From 2014-2018 American Airlines used $11 billion to buy back stock, making investors and executives rich. During that same time, many gate agents saw no raises other than those mandated by minimum wage hikes. Remember that, when they ask for a no-strings bailout.

A drilling company that operates in Texas and Louisiana told investors that the surge in natural gas prices — amid powerful winter storms — was giving it a major financial boost. "Obviously, this week is like hitting the jackpot," CFO Roland Burns said.

#AatmanirbharBharatKaBudget is a budget of opportunities, which will further growth in a wide range of sectors. This is a Budget that will further ‘Ease of Living’ and bring many positive changes for individuals, investors, industry and infrastructure.

We adopted law amendments that allow granting the UAE citizenship to investors, specialized talents & professionals including scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, authors and their families. The new directives aim to attract talents that contribute to our development journey.

In case you missed it, the CARES Act delivered a $160 billion windfall to real estate investors (i.e. Kushner), after a major lobbying push by a real estate trade group, in which Kushner’s family's company is a major player. We must not become desensitized to this corruption.

The biggest U.S. airlines spent 96% of free cash flow over the last decade to buy back shares of their own stock in order to boost executive bonuses and please wealthy investors. Now, they expect taxpayers to bail them out to the tune of $50 billion. It's the same old story.

Sen. Burr just made things worse with his stock selling scandal...he has access to Asian news that other market investors didn't. WTF? Pro Tip: when you get busted don't insult the intelligence of those that voted you in office.

The Trump tax cut was a hippo size windfall for the airline industry. Southwest alone reported a $1.4 BILLION benefit. Workers got a sliver. Stock buybacks made rich investors even richer. Remember that when the airlines come asking for a no-strings-attached bailout.