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It follows controversy over the news that the bulk of houses in a new estate in Co Kildare had been purchased by investment funds.

Daily News | Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., which helped usher in an era of ‘speakeasy’ cocktail bars in Philadelphia, has closed, for now

“The restoration of cooperative trade relations broadly, as well as improved growth prospects through much-needed infrastructure investment, should be considered welcome news for both U.S. industry and American workers.”

Editorial: News of a big investment in electric vehicle manufacturing here is worth celebrating, but we can't help wondering if there's more the Pritzker administration could do to make Illinois an even more attractive place to do business.

China ADRs taking a hit on this investment ban news

News story: The rate of investment and construction of more #powergeneration  capacity in Australia from renewable sources such as wind and solar is exceeding the.. | #ArgusPower  #solar  By Kevin Morrison: hub: #Energytransition 

The investment by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in sectors such as book publishing and real-estate have led to earnings growth. | @zoesam93 

Biden team reportedly likely to proceed with Trump's China investment ban via MarketWatch #news  #mktw  #wsj 

Biden is said to be likely to keep Trump's China investment ban via SeekingAlpha #news  #SeekingAlpha 


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Breaking: Bitcoin surges to new all-time high amid news of Tesla investment

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🚨🚨🚨Source on alleged Hunter Biden email chain verifies message about Chinese investment firm | Fox News

Breaking News After a robust durable goods report with strong business investment the Atlanta Fed now sees 3Q 2020 GDP at 36.2%! And they said it couldn't be done...not that fast! Make sure you tune into Making Money today for my town hall special. RT

Biggest news in a long time. After a ton of pressure, Blackrock--which owns more fossil fuel stock than anyone on earth--announces it will put 'climate change at the center of its investment strategy.' A huge--if by no means final--win for activists!

Breaking Economic News News GDP revised higher to 2.1% beatings consensus Durable Goods +0.6% crushes consensus Business Investment +1.2% really crushes consensus

Fake News has become a business model for failing mainstream media outlets like McClatchy. How McClatchy Uses False Stories to Attract Investment

In other news - 10 years ago 98.3 % A and E patients seen within four hours. Last year 88 %. Years of Labour investment replaced by years of Tory cuts. Don’t believe a word of the @BorisJohnson  lies now as he makes yet another campaign visit when he should be negotiating a deal

Corporate conglomerates and hedge fund vultures have decimated independent and local news. We'll protect independent news and a free press by enforcing antitrust laws, empowering journalists to form unions and increasing investment in local public media.

Great news from ! They are investing nearly $1 BILLION in Flat Rock, Michigan for auto production on top of a $1 BILLION investment last month in a facility outside of Chicago. Companies are pouring back into the United States - they want to be where the action is!

Toyota announces $10 billion U.S. investment days after Trump warning - Fox News#MAGA  #TrumpTrain  #AmericaFirst