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Allies & Interlopers: The Anatomy of an Invasion Day Protest interesting piece from and on @AmaaniSiddeek  @emiliaroux2  @centralnewsUTS 

Did you know that Jackie Robinson was Court Martialed on Camp Hood one week after the D-Day invasion?

On this day (02/19/1942) ... "If Day" … was a simulated Nazi German invasion and occupation in Winnipeg Canada#Mkt 

Update: Two people from Fort Smith have been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of a Hackett man on Valentine's Day during a home invasion.

The day the people told Tony Blair NO WAR. 18 years ago today, #London  - and the world - witnessed one of the biggest #protests  it had ever seen as hundreds of thousands flooded the streets in opposition to the imminent war in #Iraq . The invasion began a month later.

Lagman: My understanding is that the 3 day period when writ of habeas corpus is suspend will cover not only crime of rebellion or crimes related to invasion, but it would cover all crimes

A homicide investigation is underway after a 34-year-old man was shot and killed during a home invasion at a Hackett apartment on Valentine's Day.

The Atlantic Bravely Compares The Anti-Trump Media To D-Day Invasion

The Atlantic Bravely Compares The Anti-Trump Media To D-Day Invasion

On this date back in 1899, a historic Arctic invasion spread into Kansas, as Wichita experienced their coldest average temperature on record. The high was 11 below and the low 17 below to produce a calendar day average of 14 below. #kswx 


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the last day of dilmas is here! the whole family comes together for a festive home invasion and ..a romantic revelation ?✨

On June 6,1944, almost 2,000 black soldiers landed on the shores of Normandy, France in the D-Day invasion. Waverly Woodson was one of those soldiers. He treated at least 200 injured men, despite being injured himself More: 75 #ANationsStory  #DDay  #DDay75 

76 years ago today, D-Day, the beaches were stormed as the invasion of Normandy began. #DDay 

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Today #USNavy  honors the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, known as D-Day. We remember those service members who fought in the darkest hour for freedom, and we honor their legacy by continuing to carry the torch of liberty. #DDay75 

Yes, because crushing Hitler is exactly like burning down a mom & pop store in NY & throwing liquid cement into the faces of fellow Americans. For all those heroes who suffered the D-DAY invasion, how dare you compare them to terrorists. What the hell is wrong w you @MaraLiasson ?

On 75th anniversary of D-Day, time to debunk Hollywood myth it was largely a US invasion force. Of 1,213 warships involved, 892 were British/Canadian; only 200 US. Royal Navy in charge of Operation Neptune. Of 4,126 landing craft involved, 805 American, 3,261 British. 1/2

Asked about the Kurds, President Trump said that the Kurds did not help the US during WWII or in the Normandy invasion/ D-Day

Day after day after day, it's the language of invasion and war. Over on Fox and Fox Business, they're laying the groundwork for the shooting of refugees at the border. They just are. Don't say you weren't warned.

President Trump and the First Lady visited France for the 2017 Bastille Day Celebration, which included American veterans of the Normandy Invasion. This year, the visit coincides with Armistice Day, marking 100 years since the truce that ended fighting in World War I.

D-Day rocket boat vet Yogi Berra was honored today for his service during Allied invasion of Normandy 70 years ago.

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