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UA Ukrainian women are beautiful and kind. But they are also strong and decisive, especially when it comes to defending their homeland 📽️by InUkraine

Ukrainians sing the national anthem during New Year's Eve concert at Kyiv's central railway station 📹by InUkraine

Men and women in Ukraine fight for freedom and democracy in their homeland 📽️by InUkraine

Residents of Kherson survived missile attacks and terror during the occupation. Since November 11, people have been gathering on the main square and celebrating the liberation of the city from Russian invaders 📽️by InUkraine

Racism, even in war time. Videos surfacing online showing #Africans  in #Ukraine  being denied access to trains fleeing the besieged country. The colour of one’s skin does not diminish their right to flee ; bombs make no distinction. inUkrainein' alt='AfricansinUkrainein' /'>#AfricansinUkrainein #RacismU #Ukraine Warraine War

Thousands of #Indians  studying in #Ukraine  have suddenly found themselves in the midst of the war after #Russia  invaded the country last week, with many hunkered inside bunkers and fearful of what lies ahead. InUkraineInUkraine' alt='IndiansInUkraineInUkraine' /'>#IndiansInUkraineInUkraine 

The embassy particularly advised those staying in the eastern part of Ukraine to continue to remain in their current places of residence | #Ukraine  #RussiaUkraineWar  #Indians  InUkraineInUkraine' alt='IndiansInUkraineInUkraine' /'>#IndiansInUkraineInUkraine 

Zelensky team backs continued cooperation with inUkraine, abolishment of military draft, reform |EMPR

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"The moderate Maidan revolution inUkraine was captured by activists who tilted it to extreme policies."—Russian participant #Clubof3  #Berlin