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FRFrench interior minister Gérald Darmanin is set to be questioned in Parliament today amid continued anger over police brutality. It comes after a video showed officers beating a black music producer in Paris, an incident that sparked anger and protests across France

Several thousand people packed the sprawling Republique plaza and surrounding streets in Paris denouncing police violence, demanding media freedom and calling for Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin’s resignation over a new security bill

@erinogun  "Some people are describing it as France's #GeorgeFloyd  moment " Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has asked the Paris police prefect to suspend the officers involved in the brutal beating of a music producer in Paris. Our French politics editor @mperelman  has the latest ⤵️

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin also said that in order to be "protected ", journalists should notify the police if they cover protests. Read more on #PPLSecuriteGlobale 

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said France's police watchdog was investigating the beating of a man by police. The incident comes as concern grows over a new bill that would criminalise filming police.

VIDEO: FRFrench journalists' unions opposed to a proposed new "Global Security" law walked out of a meeting with Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, saying their concerns had fallen on deaf ears and they would now appeal to Prime Minister Jean Castex#PPLSecuriteGlobale 

Asked about the incident at a news conference Wednesday, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said that the journalist had not informed the police of his intention to cover the protest before doing so

France’s interior minister Gérald Darmanin has threatened Catholic demonstrators with a police crackdown if they do not desist protesting a ban on Masses.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin noted that “no president has done as much as Emmanuel Macron” when it comes to being tough on asylum and migration.

France’s interior minister Gérald Darmanin has threatened Catholic demonstrators with a police crackdown if they do not desist protesting a ban on Masses.


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Macron backs his new interior minister Gérald Darmanin, after rape accusation

The alleged perpetrator was quickly arrested according to Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, who said "everything suggests this was a terrorist attack in the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Nice." Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin is now chairing a crisis meeting.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said a police operation was underway in the city. #Nice  Mayor Christian Estrosi said the suspect behind the attack had been arrested.

French interior minister Gerald Darmanin said a police operation is under way and encouraged people to stay away from the area. He is holding a crisis meeting into the French knife attack.

@SophieTheGorman  "There will not be a moment of respite for enemies of the Republic, " says Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin. This Monday, French police raided the homes of dozens of suspected Islamist militants three days after the beheading of #SamuelPaty . Read more ➡️

#UPDATE  French Interior Minister GeraldDarmanin said the attack was "clearly an act of Islamist terrorism. " "This is a new bloody attack on our country, " Darmanin told broadcaster France 2.