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Did you say FREE😍 posters..?! View illustrations of how innovations that were developed at the #NationalLabs  are playing a role in our daily lives. Download the posters here:

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Today we enter a new phase of the Internet. Cisco’s @jonathandavidsn  shares details about the Cisco innovations behind the #InternetForTheFuture .

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@DavidGoeckeler  talks about why now is the time for new innovations across software, silicon and optics. They are the building blocks for the #InternetForTheFuture :

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Kenney says Alberta wasn’t doing enough to tell the truth about the attacks on the prov’s energy sector. He says the Cdn Energy Centre will fight back with the truth about innovations in the energy industry. #ableg 

From @IncBrandView : A celebration of technological innovations by air, land, and sea. @PPG 

Can #ArtificialIntelligence  be used in the administration of justice? Former CJI RM Lodha said: "Like technological innovations, such use may have potential negative implications on #humanrights . Even helpful uses may turn out to be harmful."

If we want spaceflight to become routine for humans as aviation did, we’ll need major innovations. Are any just around the corner?

Green New Dealers “argue that paying for the transition is quite straightforward and that simple innovations like channelling funds from bonds into low carbon infrastructure is possible.” Banking for good: | Rapid Transition Alliance


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Earlier today in Kevadia, inaugurated an exhibition in which our valiant police and paramilitary forces showcased tech innovations they are adopting. Sharing some glimpses from the exhibition.

The world’s poorest people often rely on farming both to feed their families and to earn an income. They will be among the first to face the effects of climate change. I’m excited about innovations aimed at addressing this problem:

This is apparently from China. With almost 3 billion people between us, it would make sense if all the innovations that help the afflicted come out of our two countries. Technology can create wonderful gadgets, but the ones that make life easier for the sick & aged are priceless

On #EngineersDay , best wishes to all engineers, whose intellect, dedication & curiosity has led to several path-breaking innovations.

Steve’s vision is reflected all around us at Apple Park. He would have loved it here, in this place he dreamed up — the home and inspiration for Apple’s future innovations. We miss him today on his 64th birthday, and every day.

We’re 1 day away from the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing! 👨‍🚀 Not only did that great leap make history for mankind, it also led to countless innovations that improved life on Earth. 🌍 Discover how #Apollo50th  influenced life at home:

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@gatesfoundation : "Contraceptives are one of the greatest antipoverty innovations in history"

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#NetNeutrality has been killed by the #FCC  and #AjitPai . This is a horrible mistake, and so ushers in the end of a free internet age that has led to some of the greatest innovations of our era. (1)

Looking forward to interacting with young innovators during the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon 2019 at 10 PM via video conferencing. The 36 hour long Hackathon would surely lead to pioneering research and innovations that would help solve several national challenges.

I’ve heard people argue that transformative innovations only come from the private sector. But you might be surpris…