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China’s #Beijing , #Shanghai , #Guangzhou , #Wuhan , #Changsha  and #Wuxi  will be the first six pilot cities for the development of smart city infrastructure and connected vehicles, two ministries announced today.

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EU and US relaunch push for own version of China’s Belt and Road. Sseek to put infrastructure initiative on G7 agenda to counter Beijing’s global reach But what is their constructive agenda and how much capital are they willing to put behind it?

China said on Thursday it had suspended an economic agreement with Australia, in an apparent tit-for-tat response to Canberra's scrapping a Belt and Road infrastructure pact and threat to undo a deal leasing Darwin Port to a Chinese company.

An investigation by The Sunday Times for the first time reveals the true scale of China’s hold on key British industries, including energy, defence, infrastructure and transport — and its growing interest in healthcare, schools and technology

My PS on dynamism, importace of work, innovation, wage subsidies, China and values @Columbia @ColumbiaCapSoc #Dynamism #innovatio #Biden #infrastructur #Jobs #UBI #culture #Mass Flourishing Inter @ANiew  with Edmund S. Phelps by Edmund S. Phelps @ProSyn 

"I think the question you've got to ask yourself is, given the current state of Australia-China relations, are you comfortable with any large part of Australian critical infrastructure being owned by a Chinese company? " – Peter Jennings#abc730 

President Biden said the U.S. is ‘way behind’ in improving its transportation grid and needs to do so to keep up with China, as he promoted his $1.9 trillion infrastructure proposal at an Amtrak train station in Philadelphia

To what extent does the integration of Chinese information technology and digital infrastructure create challenges for alliance intelligence and defence cooperation? Explore the security-related concerns regarding China’s Digital Silk Road in our report:

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COMPETITION: @PresElectBiden  says transit infrastructure is key to America's competitiveness in the global marketplace, and is desperately needed to compete with China, which currently has 23,000 miles of high speed rail - two-thirds of the world's total

China has built the world's largest broadband network infrastructure under a program launched in 2015 that aims to increase broadband speed and lower rates for Internet services. Now, the country pledges to carry on the task.


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China’s progress in advanced infrastructure is more than 100 times faster than the US

Pres Biden is linking infrastructure to national security. He says China & the rest of the world are making the types of investments the U.S. needs to be making. He says China is hoping the U.S. is "too slow, too limited, & too divided" to do robust infrastructure investments.

After 4 years in power, Trump is just about ready to (1) release his taxes (2) tell us his healthcare plan (3) build the wall (4) bring back those jobs from China to Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania & (5) launch infrastructure week. Just a few more weeks. Right around the corner

Never truer words were spoken to me tonight on twitter. “Claire you just don’t understand a Trump supporter.” He’s taken care of the 1%, lies constantly, no infrastructure, no deal with China, no healthcare plan, deficit, debt, and trade deficit sky high. And 200,000 are dead.

To seduce US companies investing in China to come to India we need three pre-conditions: good infrastructure as China, 2.East Asia changing from exporting to China its semi- processed goods, to India. 3.Ban on private sector as in China. Are we ready?

The Prime Minister plans to have China’s involvement in the UK’s infrastructure scaled down to zero by 2023

I hear again & again how effective the Chinese state is. That's a myth. Some get that idea because of China's rapid growth in recent decades & the pace of infrastructure development. But both are misleading. MORE

....If we bought 15 Billion Dollars of Agriculture from our Farmers, far more than China buys now, we would have more than 85 Billion Dollars left over for new Infrastructure, Healthcare, or anything else. China would greatly slow down, and we would automatically speed up!

Two months before the Wuhan outbreak, Trump shut down the program that identified viruses in China that might spread to the U.S. Possibly a fatal mistake. So I've proposed a comprehensive plan to rebuild our global anti-pandemic infrastructure.

China plans to create extra 6,800 km rail track in 2019 amid infrastructure push. Follow us for more.