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Indonesia will exempt yachts and cruise ships used for tourism from a 75% luxury tax

Red tape hinders Indonesia’s vaccination drive, even as Covid-19 cases surge

Meet the Instagram-celebrity preacher who’s pushing meme stocks and moving Indonesia’s stock market

The bank's stance contrasts with those of indonesia'>Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK), which have downgraded their respective national loan growth targets. #jakpost 

Darwin marina workers exposed to positive COVID case arriving on yacht from Indonesia

'The problem in Indonesia is extraordinary': How Australian fundraisers are helping to save lives

INS Saryu to conduct coordinated patrol with Indonesia from July 30 to 31 @manjeetnegilive 

Hyundai, LG to Build Battery Factory in Indonesia

#Indonesia: For women facing #VAW , contact Natl Commission for Women - ph:+62213903963; mai @komnasperempuan

Indonesia needs oxygen and Santi is running across Melbourne to get it there


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BREAKING: Two cases of coronavirus confirmed in Indonesia

Nearly 400 protesters were arrested in Indonesia, criticizing a new law that weakens workers' rights and environmental protections. Police used water cannons and tear gas, leaving 6 protesters in the hospital. The bill proposed cutting paid childbirth leave and overtime limits.

With a population of 21 million, Florida announced 10,109 new covid cases today. With a combined population of 2.6 billion, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, and the European Union are averaging 6,760 new cases.

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We are following reports of a missing Boeing 737-500 in Indonesia. We hope to have more information soon.

2020: - US killing Soleimani and Iran retaliation - Iran downs Ukrainian plane - Trump impeachment - Russian PM resigns - New strand of coronavirus - Philippines volcano eruption - Turkey earthquake - Kashmir avalanche - Australian fires - Indonesia floods - Kobe dead

India, Japan, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, Russia, and all 27 EU member states are backing Australia's push for a probe into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just spoke to my friend, President Joko Widodo of the Republic of Indonesia. Asking for Ventilators, which we will provide. Great cooperation between us!

They call it disinfection? Indonesia... no words.

Most coronavirus deaths. Italy: 4825 China: 3261 Spain: 1724 Iran: 1685 France: 562 US: 340 UK: 234 Netherlands: 137 South Korea: 104 Germany: 93 Switzerland: 80 Belgium: 75 Indonesia: 48 Japan: 36 Philippines: 25 Canada: 21 Turkey: 21 Sweden: 20 Brazil: 18 Iraq: 17

Most dangerous places to live, 2019. 1. Brazil 2. South Africa 3. Nigeria 4. Argentina 5. India 6. Peru 7. Kenya 8. Ukraine 9. Turkey 10. Colombia 11. Mexico 12. UK 13. Egypt 14. Philippines 15. Italy 16. US 17. Indonesia 18. Greece 19. Kuwait 20. Thailand (InterNations)