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Empowering teachers is an aspect that National Education Policy focuses on, allowing the individual to develop students better. Teachers, under the new system, will have autonomy in choosing aspects of pedagogy in classroom teaching.

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Individual circadian clocks might be the next frontier of personalized medicine

We may end of seeing jerry in a similar light to Anthony Weiner, individual kinks that, paradoxically, absurdly, changed the course of history. Trump and Cohen may have catch and killed Jerr into that critical endorsement that helped bring evangelicals behind Trump.

@StateDept  sends texts to Iranians and Russians offering $10M for info on US election meddling. The "Rewards for Justice Program" has notably been used in the past for gathering information on terrorist groups and locations of individual terrorists.

I hate the phrase "We condemn the behaviour but support the individual" so much. It's the ultimate cop out.

AI Trained to Study Individual Birds in Wild Populations: #SouthAfrica 

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So you have this great contradiction. Minorities want Hindus to be secular while they themselves are anything but secular. This is the most powerful, invidious and flawed argument against secularism - but the flaw comes from wrongly making the individual the site of secularism.

This location of secularism at the individual further shows up the minorities as undeserving of the privileges that out liberal Constitution guarantees them. Why? The reality is no one is secular, least of minority faiths that exist in India. None. They cannot be.

BJP/RSS OTOH have mangled and distorted secularism at the individual level in other to cobble together Hindu unity 4 electoral purposes. When you locate secularism at the individual level, you pit it against the ingrained religiosity of an individual. So she rebels.

China will work with regimes regardless of their values, authoritarian or not — with Russia's Vladimir Putin or Germany's Angela Merkel, it doesn’t matter. Unlike the U.S., China seeks no changes in the domestic arrangements of individual states


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Change starts with us as individuals. If one individual becomes more compassionate it will influence others and so we will change the world.

I stand stronger than anyone in protecting your Healthcare with Pre-Existing Conditions. I am honored to have terminated the very unfair, costly and unpopular individual mandate for you!

1. The Supreme Court just opened itself up to congressional demands for the individual justices' tax returns.

Wow. 7 years since we won our first BRIT! Lots has changed but like family you guys have come with us all on our individual journeys. It’s a dream to have you in our lives and an honour to be part of yours. Can we win another ?!! #1D  #BRITVIDLIAMRITA 

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Now that the very expensive, unpopular and unfair Individual Mandate provision has been terminated by us, many States & the U.S. are asking the Supreme Court that Obamacare itself be terminated so that it can be replaced with a FAR BETTER AND MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE ALTERNATIVE.....

What the hell is happening in Portland, and why isn't every American who believes in the constitution, states rights, federalism, freedom, individual liberty and rule of law not screaming for answers loudly? Yes, Republican leaders, I mean you especially.

Please talk to your kids & make them understand how disgusting it is to hate a individual because of the color of their skin.

Within each of us exists the potential to contribute positively to society. Although one individual among so many on this planet may seem too insignificant, it is our personal efforts that will determine the direction our society is heading.

Mini Mike Bloomberg is spending a lot of money on False Advertising. I was the person who saved Pre-Existing Conditions in your Healthcare, you have it now, while at the same time winning the fight to rid you of the expensive, unfair and very unpopular Individual Mandate.....

Change in the world comes from individuals, from the inner peace in individual hearts. Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.