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Terming the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi as "wrong", Rahul Gandhi said what is happening in India currently was "fundamentally different" from the Emergency. What significance this remark has and what are the reactions , @mausamii2u  reports. #ITVideo  #Politics 

Indira-imposed Emergency was wrong: Rahul Gandhi But he said there was a fundamental difference between what happened during the Emergency and what was happening now.

"I think that #Emergency ) was a mistake. And my grandmother (Indira Gandhi) said as much," Rahul Gandhi said, adding it was fundamentally different from the present as the Congress at no point attempted to capture the country's institutional framework.

Emergency imposed by late former PM Indira Gandhi was 'absolutely' a mistake, says Congress leader Rahul Gandhi - Watch

Terming the Emergency that was imposed by former prime minister Indira Gandhi a "mistake", Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said what happened during that period was "wrong"

Maharashtra: #COVID19  vaccination process at Nagpur's Indira Gandhi Hospital couldn't begin due to a technical glitch in the #CoWIN  portal "Registration has begun & tokens are being given. We'd begin the process as soon as the site is up," says hospital's Medical Superintendent

"If BJP fears someone or something the most, it is the Gandhi-Nehru family. When Indira Gandhi came to power, then the same Jan Sangh people used to call her 'gungi gudiya' (dumb doll). They made fun of her using that phrase," @Bhupesh_Baghel  said.

After independence there have been illustrious PMs - Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Atal Bihari Vajpayee - they all represented UP. Recently it was Dr Manmohan Singh from north India, so Congress has never disrespected a region: Anand Sharma, Congress


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Madhya Pradesh: Nahru Khan, a 62-year-man from Mandsaur has developed an automatic sanitization machine and donated it to Indira Gandhi District Hospital. He says, "I made this machine by watching YouTube and completed it in 48 hours. This will benefit many people" #COVID19 

“Darul Uloom will continue to serve India and the world in true Islamic tradition.” Rare video of Indira Gandhi’s speech at Deoband in 1980. What do people opposing the telecast of Bhumi Pujan for the Ram Temple on DD have to say about DD broadcasting Indira’s visit to Deoband?

PM P V Narasimha Rao: “What you promise for the future, is strengthened by what you have done in the past.If you have done nothing in the past and promised everything in the future, your credibility suffers.” Indira Gandhi in 1971: Garibi Hatao Rahul Gandhi in 2019: Garibi Hatao

Asha Devi on senior lawyer Indira Jaising's statement 'follow Sonia Gandhi's example and forgive convicts': Who is Indira Jaising to give me such a suggestion?Whole country wants the convicts to be executed. Just because of people like her, justice is not done with rape victims.

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Tributes to our former PM Smt. Indira Gandhi Ji on her birth anniversary.

In the middle of #DiwaliCelebration , a quiet recall of November 7, 1966. Largest Hindu slaughter, Gopastami massacre, happens under Indira Gandhi. Cops spray Hindus demanding ban on cow slaughter with bullets in Delhi. Official toll 375, unofficial estimate in many thousands.

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#WATCH : Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore in a friendly boxing bout with boxing champion Mary Kom at Indira Gandhi Stadium in Delhi.

Indira Gandhi’s ‘third son’ stops pension to those who fought for democratic values during India’s darkest days in the Emergency.

Tributes to former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi on her birth anniversary.

Tributes to former PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi on her death anniversary.