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Valuable to meet and listen to local indigenous leaders here in La Guardia, Santa Cruz. I’m committed to ensuring their voices are heard loud and clear in Glasgow#COP26 

The NSW government has allocated an additional $9.85 million to address what Indigenous leaders describe as shocking delays resolving more than 38,000 outstanding Aboriginal land rights and native title claims. @juliepower  | EXCLUSIVE

Magazine | As flash floods wreak havoc in #HimachalPradesh , a look at why need to go back to sustainable, indigenous architecture, as championed by the late Didi Contractor.

An Indigenous land council has been accused of hand-picking ­traditional owners in favour of fracking projects in the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Basin.

As wildfires blaze up north, Indigenous leaders call on province to expand supports for evacuees

In the eyes of many experts, environmental activists, and Indigenous communities, Quebec's Forest Ministry appears more interested in safeguarding the profits of industry than the forests themselves. @jonmontpetit 

The shameful plight of Indigenous children in care in Western Australia may finally be changing, unpublished figures show.

Climate justice doesn’t involve Black, Indigenous, and other people of color losing their freedom. Climate justice requires the opposite: more liberation, more opportunities, more equity. —writes @yessfun 


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Authorities in Canada uncovered the remains of 215 children, some as young as 3 years old, at the site of a former residential school for indigenous students

Hundreds of graves were found at another forced assimilation school for Indigenous children in Canada — weeks after remains of 215 children were found. 150,000 children were held in the mostly Catholic-run schools, thousands dying from abuse. The church has never apologized.

Remains of 215 Indigenous children have been found at a Canadian residential school, a First Nation said. Over 150 years, 150K+ Indigenous children were stolen from families & put in schools away from home. Many suffered physical & sexual abuse — 4,100 died, estimates @NCTR_UM .

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A Māori politician in New Zealand who was thrown out of Parliament for not wearing a Western tie was allowed back, after uproar. Ties are no longer mandatory. Rawiri Waititi called ties a "colonial noose" and a product of racist systems designed to subjugate Indigenous people.

America’s first Indigenous Cabinet member, U.S. Secretary of the Interior @SecDebHaaland  steps into her historic role with pragmatism, empathy, and the spiritual guidance of her ancestors.

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‘This is America’ — This TikTok user nailed the blatant double standard in how conservative and Indigenous protesters are treated

Nation’s Indigenous People Confirm They Don’t Need Special Holiday, Just Large Swaths Of Land Returned Immediately

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Brazil confirmed the 1st #COVID19  case among Indigenous Amazon people. Indigenous leaders requested protection against land invaders during the pandemic, calling it an "existential threat." Diseases brought by early colonizers devastated South America's Indigenous population.

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Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile has achieved yet another milestone with successful test launch showcasing enhanced operational capabilities and additional indigenous technologies. Congratulations to all the scientists and engineers. @DRDO_India  @BrahMosMissile 

Canadian police beat a First Nations chief to the ground over a license plate dispute. Video shows them punching Allan Adam repeatedly, he says after he reacted to them grabbing his wife. Police harassment of Indigenous people is systemic, groups say: "Nobody speaks up for us."

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