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Long overdue. Nearly 50 years after Sacheen Littlefeather took to the Oscars stage on behalf of Marlon Brando to call out Hollywood's stereotypical depictions of Indigenous people, the Academy is apologizing for the mistreatment she endured while doing so.

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F-Insas, #UAVs , #Nipur  and #LCAs : How indigenous weapons will boost Indian#Army 's combat capability

Even in a best-case scenario, if someone hits the button on a nuclear bomb, there will be global famine, researchers have found. Is there good news? Not a lot, although Australians may be relieved to find it's not the worst place to be in a nuclear war.

Outrage as Australians discover former prime minister secretly gave himself five additional ministries @AmyRemeikis  / The Guardian)

After long being consigned to a legacy of stereotypes, Indigenous American artists are making some of the country’s most engaging experimental music.

Sask. court orders new trial on Indigenous harvesting rights after convictions of two Ontario men

#RajnathSingh hands over multiple indigenous weapons to ArmyRead:

Also striking is the disparity. If you're Indigenous or Black, you're much more likely to experience food insecurity. If you live in Alberta (vs, say, Quebec) you're more likely to be food insecure:

A court in Tarlac City has dismissed the civil case filed by the Bamban Aeta Association, Inc., seeking to collect the indigenous people’s 20-percent share from their joint venture agreement with the Clark Development Corp. | @junmaligINQ  /PDI

The Hudson Museum at the University of Maine houses hundreds of indigenous artifacts, and one 19th-century clan helmet is returning to its owners.


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Australians are just built different lol

Hundreds of indigenous citizens marching through Atalaia do Norte now to demand justice for Bruno and Dom

Australians have watched with growing anger at what the Murdoch media monopoly is doing to our country. A cancer on democracy. Today I am launching a national petition to establish a #MurdochRoyalCommission . If you value our democracy, please sign here:

Remains of 215 Indigenous children have been found at a Canadian residential school, a First Nation said. Over 150 years, 150K+ Indigenous children were stolen from families & put in schools away from home. Many suffered physical & sexual abuse — 4,100 died, estimates @NCTR_UM .

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Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile has achieved yet another milestone with successful test launch showcasing enhanced operational capabilities and additional indigenous technologies. Congratulations to all the scientists and engineers. @DRDO_India  @BrahMosMissile 

looked at Ashton today as he tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘we’ve been a band for 6 years today’ and I paused as I realized I’ve been married for 6 years to 3 lanky Australians unintentionally. welp.

I'm not usually one to comment on politics but being my home country I would urge all Australians to vote to legalise same sex marriage !:-)

Canadian police beat a First Nations chief to the ground over a license plate dispute. Video shows them punching Allan Adam repeatedly, he says after he reacted to them grabbing his wife. Police harassment of Indigenous people is systemic, groups say: "Nobody speaks up for us."

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India will be eternally grateful to Shri Manohar Parrikar for his tenure as our Defence Minister. When he was RM, India witnessed a series of decisions that enhanced India’s security capacities, boosted indigenous defence production and bettered the lives of ex-servicemen.

Are you f*cking kidding me???? This guy is an Australian senator? SHAME on you . I hope your fellow Australians respond to this disgusting statement with the same blind fury I am feeling.

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