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@MMAjunkieJohn  Oh my. She is so sweet. Donated. Please consider doing so yourself to help such a wonderful person during an incredibly difficult time.

"Our members have been incredibly loyal to us in a very difficult period. Nearly 90% of our members have donated their subscriptions for this season which is a phenomenal effort, and they need to be rewarded." 🏏

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This year has been incredibly difficult for businesses throughout Delaware, but every day, I’ve seen the perseverance, the cooperation, and the resolve of Delawareans to come together, support one another, and get through this together.

Live music is incredibly important. Do get behind the campaign to encourage the UK government to support live music during this difficult time by posting a photo of the last gig you went to, especially a Kinks one! using #letthemusicplay  - Sir Ray Davies

Gotta say I am incredibly lucky to work for/with people who are 100 percent supportive, enjoy seeing twin babies and a toddler on Zooms and appreciate how difficult things are for parents.

#TBT 7 years ago! It was such a relief to reveal this great news! We had to hide Remy’s “baby bump” for several months because of contractual obligations. It was incredibly difficult each time we went out in public so finally telling the world our twins were coming was awesome!

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NS: "All of our children and young people have responded incredibly well to an incredibly difficult situation. I am grateful to all of you for that, and I am proud of all of you for that."

NS: "But we know that this has been an incredibly difficult time for children and young people. It has been very tough not going to school for an entire term, and then being restricted in how you can meet and play with your friends."

Nicola Sturgeon daily news briefing live: "This has been an incredibly difficult time for children and young people."

@marikalynch  @MikeGrunwaldsure . My wife did every day. It's very difficult and these are incredibly challenging times. It looks as if, for the first time, Florida will have to truly honor the voter-approved class-size amendment as a result


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Everyone should reflect on how incredibly difficult it is for a soldier, still serving in the U.S. Army, to be smeared by his Commander in Chief for doing what he thought was right & was told to do by superiors. Vindman played it straight. Trump is lying about him today.

Our hearts are heavy tonight. Kelley and I offer our deepest condolences to Rep. Andy Barr, his two daughters, family, and friends. Please join us in praying for them during this incredibly difficult time.

Totally get that these circumstances are incredibly difficult, especially for those that make the big decisions. Whatever the rights and wrongs of policy, though, calling them a success seems hugely disrespectful and thoughtless to those that have suffered losses.

Dear YouTube Community, As you know, yesterday was an incredibly difficult day for our teams in San Bruno and around the world. Thank you so much for your concern and support. All of us working here at YouTube are very grateful for this amazing community.

It’s difficult to hold a candidate responsible for the vitriol of his online followers. But here, a paid Sanders staffer said incredibly nasty things about fellow candidates. Probably not unique to his campaign. But shows it aint bots either Via @scottbix 

NEW--> in memo to all Senate Rs obtained by WaPo, Rachel Mitchell argues re Ford case: "A 'he said, she said' case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that." Story TK

Memo from Rachel Mitchell to GOP Senators: “A ‘he said, she said’ case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that..”

Ashley Kavanaugh: "This process is incredibly difficult. Harder than we imagined, and we imagined it might be hard. But, hmmm, at the end of the day our faith is strong. We know we are on the right path. We will stick to it."

The damage Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did to the FBI will be incredibly difficult to undo.

"When you have an administration that is backed up by essentially state-run television ... it is incredibly difficult to push the truth out." – Actor, Director says on #TheBeat