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"Incoherence thrills and exhausts people; in this way, it resembles thinking." A good night to re-read one of the smartest essays of the past year, by @TobiHaslett :

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There is fear, confusion, misinformation, and so much we still don't know about the coronavirus. This is why national leadership is essential, why sober and honest messaging is essential. Instead we have a yawning vacuum filled by pettiness, incompetence, incoherence and deceit.

“Any risky Israeli or American sabotage operation against Iranian attempts to develop centrifuges would underscore the incoherence of policies on Iran’s nuclear programme. Iran accelerated advanced centrifuges only after Trump pulled out of nuclear deal.”

"Please report politically motivated initiatives to alter the curriculum" to @PolicyExchange  says @epkaufm . "Cancel culture"? McCarthyite? Maybe a bit, but mostly it just illustrates the sheer intellectual incoherence and hypocrisy of these people.

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Many gems in this call by @epkaufm  for a "New Cultural Nationalism", but this in particular strikes a pleasing balance between incoherence, illogic and paranoia..

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Why does Trump want a 2nd term? Asked by Hannity. After Don Jr, hard to find an easier interview. The President can’t answer the question. Supporters rightly claim Biden has bouts of incoherence. But this is well beyond your typical Biden ramble:

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What do @AMISHDEVGAN  & 'OpIndia' have in common with Arnab & @VinodDua7 ? They went to the Supreme Court to challenge FIRs against them. But while SC stayed the FIRs for two, it didn't for the others. @vvenkatesan 's analyses this judicial incoherence.

"If there’s one subject—or mood—that Wordsworth bequeaths to modernity, it’s the integrity of incoherence."

Gloria: Now, it's the incoherence of government. Therefore, we will always look back to this year as the kind of year that really unmasked the weaknesses of his leadership and the very strengths that he used in the first three years. #NewsbreakChats  :

Maybe the pitch to Xi is that if Trump is re-elected, China has nothing to fear, thanks to Trump’s sheer incoherence, per @rkuttner .


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3. Indeed, only a few decades ago, it chose a former klansman as its Senate leader, without objection from today’s so-called resistance — most of whose “members” are Democrats or will vote for Democrats. Their incoherence and hypocrisy aside, purge their party.

3. The incoherence and outright idiocy of the blue state governors and media in this regard, especially Slow Cuomo, are blinding.

I yearn for a world, or even a Friday evening, where a friend or family member asking “did you hear” doesn’t immediately produce a pit in the stomach and the mental image of Donald Trump rage tweeting chaos and incoherence.

After a day of spin & distractions & plain old incoherence by President Trump’s lawyers, I’ve got one question for this Senate impeachment trial: Where are the witnesses?

Aussie reporter covers a full Trump presser: "Watching just one press conference helped me understand how the process of reporting about this president can mask and normalise his full and alarming incoherence." v @brianstelter 

Australian journalist visiting the U.S. sees it. "Watching just one press conference from Otay Mesa helped me understand how the process of reporting about this president can mask and normalise his full and alarming incoherence." via @brianstelter 

Sr. European diplomat, on dealing with State Dept today re Iran: “All is a shambles there. Total incoherence between State and NSC. Plus, no one has any clue on the day after. There is no strategy.”