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HP's abrupt termination of its "free ink for life" plan implies that all its customers are dead now - at the very least, their sense of fair play and their hope that @HP  will behave in an honorable fashion has been staked through the heart.

They also indicated the cost of printing notes was about 7p on average. Only one third of notes will be replaced. That implies a cost of £105 million to replace the necessary bank notes. Banks might also need to be paid for the additional work involved.

The household survey implies that total employment *fell* in November, especially after accounting for likely misclassification of people who say they were "employed with an unpaid absence" (Household survey tends to be more volatile than establishment survey)

* The officers are still serving, and the Bronx prosecutor has declared that there is no basis for criminal charges against them * NYPD implies that the officers haven't been interviewed about the killing; this is offered as pretense for not releasing bodycam footage 5/

A new video from Sony heavily implies a #SpiderMan  multiverse is in the works

This poll implies a drop-off in Republican turnout. It has Biden +4 among the likely voter electorate for the runoff, when Biden actually won by <1.

At German awards ceremony, Elon Muskimplies that Tesla stock is still too high by @DavidGDawkins 

@conorsen  assuming this is Q4-Q4, using GDPNow for Q4 '20, 8% implies 3.5% SAAR growth for the '20/'21 stack. Only 1 period since the mid-00s has seen YoYs like that, let alone a two year stack. And that's w/ huge immigration curbs + much slower natural pop growth than recent years....

$ICBP #Indofood  Cbp Sukses Makmur T Indofood CBP (ICBP IJ) - 3Q20: implies'>Current Price Implies An EPS Decline In 2021; This Has Not Happened Since 2013. Maintain BUY: Higher advertising, CSR and interest expenses (from Pinehill acquisition) led… #equity  #stocks 

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Just when you thought it was safe to be in your living room, Governor Andrew Cuomo's latest ad campaign implies that no place is safe from COVID-19.


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The "legally cast ballots" stuff is gross and wrong and poinsonous because it implies some large pool of "illegally cast ballots" which of course do not exist.

When democracy is being threatened, silence implies consent.

Missed in the maelstrom about @realDonaldTrump ’s refusal to accept the peaceful transfer of power was his insistence is that he wants a new justice on the SCOTUS to rule, he implies, in his favor in any electoral disputes. Tainting his nominee even before he names her!

Just had a long talk with #RogerStone . He says he doesn’t want a pardon (which implies guilt) but a commutation, and says he thinks #Trump  will give it to him. “He knows I was under enormous pressure to turn on him. It would have eased my situation considerably. But I didn’t.”

Even the statement, “Let’s invite more Black people to the table,” implies ownership of the table and control of who is invited. Racism is about power.

Hillary strongly implies that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset who will act to serve the Kremlin's interest. Also says there's no doubt Jill Stein is. Does she have evidence for these grave accusations? Of course not. None is needed in Dem Party discourse. It's gutter trash.

Prior to any FBI interview w/, has FBI authored an exoneration memo, promised immunity to his top associates & agreed not to record the interview? If not, it implies: 1. Hillary probe wasn't done according to norm or 2. Trump is being treated differently.Thoughts?

"Locker room banter" implies "C'mon, this is how men talk about women." Like it's to be expected. That's the grossest part of all.

"Otherwise" implies you did not like hangin with this baby.

PSA: This incorrectly implies CIA hacked these apps / encryption. But the docs show iOS/Android are what got hacked - a much bigger problem.