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The parallels between KaushikRai’s July 29 speech and Sharjeel Imam’s Dec 2019 speech has led to circulation of memes on social media highlighting, one as the ‘new normal’ and the other as ‘terror activity’. So far, no action has been taken against Rai.

Russian mercs are believed to have kidnapped the imam of the central mosque in Koui, CAR near the border with Cameroon:

#ICYMI telecommunications satellite #EutelsatQuantum  was launched into space last Friday - watch a recap of preparations through to liftoff at Europe's Spaceport in Kourou.

Several mosques in Ivory Coast could soon become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The imam of one of them told us why they are so important to his community 👇

Members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of police today arrested three people including two siblings, in a case filed for killing Abdur Rahim, an imam of a mosque in Brahmanbaria's Sarail upazila on July 20. #Bangladesh 

Team GB's Ben Whittaker will fight for light-heavyweight gold in boxing after beating Russian Imam Khataev#Olympics  #Tokyo2020 

Several mosques in Ivory Coast could soon become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The imam of one, built in the 16th century, told us why it remains so important to his community 👇

There are weird bedfellows, then &, now. A good friend was a high official in the Iranian regime that was overthrown by Khomeini. In the last stage, the Shah gave the power to the military but they lost it. So my friend kept on telling me how much he wished they had--a Jaruzelski

Really good profile of Oumar Diarra, imam and prominent young M5-RFP figure, by @sankis68 :


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Take-off! The #Unity22  crew including @richardbranson  leave Spaceport America, New Mexico for #VirginGalactic ’s first fully-crewed spaceflight.

Bihar: Akhtar Imam, an animal lover from Patna, gives his entire property to his two elephants Moti & Rani. He says, "Animals are faithful, unlike humans. I've worked for the conservation of elephants for many years. I don't want that after my death my elephants are orphaned".

#LekkiMassacre: Buhari Needs To Go To Jail For Killing Protesters – Imam Of Peace via @naijanews 

Ocean spaceport Deimos is under construction for launch next year

For all of you who came to Twitter to give Ron DeSantis a hard time for referring to Ayatollah Khomeini in the present tense, remember Donald Trump did the same for Frederick Douglass.

Today’s view: Infinite. #Unity21  made a beautiful ascent to apogee over Spaceport America, New Mexico. #VirginGalactic 

It is not the policy of Saudi Arabia to engage in assasinations; unlike Iran, which has done so since the Khomeini Revolution in 1979. Ask us, and ask many other countries who have lost many of their citizens due to Iran’s criminal and illegal behavior!

There’s reason govt has allowed #ShaheenBagh  circus to drag on. Sleeper cells like Sharjeel Imam are crawling out of the woodwork, videos, money trail, clues and evidence are being collected, and the real motive behind #CAAprotests  is getting clear to all

Delhi Police Sources: Interrogation has revealed that Sharjeel Imam is highly radicalized and believes that India should be an Islamic state, he has also admitted that no tampering has been done with the videos of his different speeches.

We recall the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS). For him, there was nothing more important than the values of truth and justice. His emphasis on equality as well as fairness are noteworthy and give strength to many.