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Covid-19 Vaccinations Give Shot in Arm to Israeli Stocks | @WSJ  What could have / should have been. Inoculate an entire country by end of March. Imagine.

"You can't imagine a more divisive atmosphere in the country and in the Congress than the one that is confronting Joe Biden," @rickklein  says about Pres.-elect Biden introducing his COVID-19 vaccination plan and economic rescue package.

As millions of COVID-19 vaccines go out across the country, people are starting to imagine what life will look like once they get the shot.

As millions of COVID-19 vaccines go out across the country, people are starting to imagine what life will look like once they get the shot.

'Behind-the-scenes logistics you can't imagine' | Hampton long-term care facilities begin COVID-19 vaccine clinics

DAY 1: Imagine a single Lilly flower in a pond Day 2: There are two Lilles Day 3: Four, DOUBLING every day Day 30: The whole pond is covered with Lilies What day was the pond halfway covered with Lilies? The day before. Covid-19 Starts very small and Explodes!!!!!

Imagine the same intensity, desperation, focus and concern about Covid-19 and its victims.

There’s no question that COVID-19 reshaped the year for everyone — but what if it hadn’t? We asked a few observers to imagine such an alternative reality for us, and to take a guess at what 2020 might have looked like without COVID-19. @alex_n_boyd 

What to know about COVID-19 vaccines in Santa Clara County - San José Spotlight // this reads like the script to a TikTok—imagine someone pointing at the answers :)

Imagine COVID-19, except in an America that is literally divided.


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"Can you imagine if you knew on January 28th as opposed to March 13th what they knew? What you might have done to prepare?," Sen. Harris asks, criticizing Trump admin.'s Covid-19 response. "They knew and they covered it up." #vpdebate 

Imagine that 15 passenger jets full of Covid-19 patients crashed today, all across the US, and killed everyone on board. Because that's what happened minus the airplanes.

"Imagine watching a patient suffocating." In a heart-stopping moment, an ICU nurse's viral post about being on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis was read aloud by the mayor of Aurora, Illinois, to underscore the severity of the pandemic.

Despite Speaker Pelosi blocking COVID-19 relief, President Trump just delivered the greatest period of economic growth in American HISTORY. Just imagine what we could accomplish if we had a Speaker that actually put the American people first.

Imagine, for a moment, what Trump would be saying right now if Biden contracted COVID-19 and then checked into the hospital

President Trump is so consumed with his own ego that he’s downplaying the numbers and inventing ridiculous excuses for why COVID-19 has come roaring back in certain areas. It's hard to imagine a more haphazard, less focused, less consistent response from an administration.

Imagine if India had to face COVID-19 pandemic in pre-2014 era...

NEW: In interview w/me, CDC director warns second wave of coronavirus is likely to be worse because it will coincide with flu season. Look how overwhelmed health system is in this 1st covid-19 wave. Now imagine 2 respiratory outbreaks at the same time.

Imagine protesting your 'right' to go out & risk infection with #coronavirus , as a doctor treating COVID-19 patients stands in front of you knowing he's the one who will have to treat you if you get infected? Staggering idiocy.

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“If the DOH does not change its way of handling the crisis, I hate to say, we may be overrun by COVID-19 faster than we can imagine.” #COVID19PH  | @GabrielLaluINQ