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The illiberal left has embraced a crippling fatalism about what American institutions can achieve because their expectations are unrealistic. But it’s not just that they are mistaken. They have been misled. Read more from @NoahCRothman  ▸ #DonaldTrump 

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I want to flag up @tysonbarker  's piece about the rise of QAnon in Germany: "This loose alliance of right and left, conspiracy-fueled illiberal forces is eerily reminiscent of the Querfront cross-ideological affinities of extremists in the Weimar era. "

A Q for Trump supporters: I get why you're frustrated by riots, parts of the pandemic response, & illiberal left excesses. (I am too.) Since all are happening during a Trump presidency, why would anyone expect giving him a 2nd term would make things better?

The authoritarian right is an exponentially greater threat to free speech than the illiberal left, but that doesn't mean left-wing illiberalism isn't a problem, writes @michelleinbklyn 

Like “cancel culture,” “illiberal left” lends too much credence to what’s really just a bunch of people mad online. It’s individual freak-outs, not collective will.

It can happen here (will be part of a book, coming in 2021 from @yalepress , called This Is Not Normal, and bearing on some of the reckless attacks on "liberalism" these days. Liberalism doesn't mean, the illiberal left.) @FriedrichHayek  @SamanthaJPower 


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Of course, one reason why it’s important to criticize the illiberal left is to prevent it from taking over the Democratic Party over time just as the far right took over the GOP

Summary: illiberal extremists on the left are a small sect operating mostly outside the Democratic Party. Illiberal extremists on the right control the Republican Party

Years ago, I predicted an alliance forming between the radically liberal and radically illiberal. Now, radical Islam is becoming weirdly allied with the progressive Left, and Ilhan Omar is the walking embodiment of this phenomenon. @IngrahamAngle 

Here's why @Harvard  and the Left kowtow to China and other illiberal regimes around the world. My new book is out June 2, 2020 ➡️ @IngrahamAngle 

The Left makes strange bedfellows with some of the most illiberal regimes in the world. Why? My new book is out June 2, 2020 ➡️ @IngrahamAngle 

There are a handful of Western illiberal leaders, on left & right, who delight in the oncoming twilight of democracy. #Orban , #Salvini , #LePen , #Melenchon , #Trump . My piece in on why is part #Corbynf  this gang & a dangerous man. #antisemitism 

Why has the Left become so illiberal? Lionel Shriver on whether the left will survive the millennials.