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Afenifere disowns, condemns quit notice to Igbo people

A new film about masquerade attempts to unpack the identity of the Igbo or any Nigerian in an ethnocentric Nigeria. Dika Ofoma takes a closer look at 'The Lost Okoroshi’

Igbo already projecting for actualisation of presidency in 2023 — Ezeife

Igbo already projecting for actualisation of presidency in 2023 — Ezeife#vanguardnews 

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Arewa leader blows hot: Those promising Igbo president in 2023 are deceiving them #vanguardnews 

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Supreme Court in a landmark decision, upheld the right of a female child to inherit properties of her father. By this decision, the apex court has voided the Igbo age-long law and custom which forbid a female child from inheriting her late father’s estate.

Worried by the disappearance of traditional Igbo culture, this Nigerian music teacher is determined to keep playing the Oja - a talking flute. ? #MondayMotivation  l #Igbo 

"When Igbos get together, it's like a home from home." Liverpool's Igbo community like to meet up regularly for good food & dancing - but this time, they're getting together to raise funds for their community centre. #HomeFromHome  l @NyashaMichelle7 

Now that Innoson is on top & landing GTB blows in this their roforofo fight, you wont hear how its targeted because its Yoruba. Immediately, GTB regains in the'll start hearing how Innoson is the biggest employer of labour in the world & is targeted because he's Igbo.

He who eats an egg does not realise that he has eaten a full chicken. An Igbo#proverb  from Nigeria sent by Peter Kiringi in Mombasa, Kenya

What has Igbo done to warrant this…? – Fani-Kayode - A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, and forme...

Why do the Igbo people want independence from Nigeria? Welcome to the world of Biafra.

A child that laughs at his father's rotten yams is laughing at the hunger that will strike him in due course. Igbo proverb, Miracle, Nigeria

Nigeria needs a better response than the army to sense of exclusion felt by Igbo in Biafra.

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#BETAwards2015 tell me they don't look like an Igbo couple

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