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Russell Westbrook is 0-4 from the free-throw line after three quarters. If he does not attempt another one, this would tie his career high for most FT misses in a game where he did not make one (1/13/16 for OKC vs. DAL)

Sometimes the Pacers appear to be playing on autopilot with no adjustment for personnel (both their own and their opponent). If y'all wanna go over the top on Russell Westbrook pick-and-rolls, fine by me. I get to enjoy Vintage Russ. Prolly not too fun for your fans, though.

#Jokic is avging a triple-double. "24.3 pts, 10.9 boards, & 10.5 assists; shooting 57.6% & 41.6% from downtown. If he keeps up his current avgs, he will be 3rd in #NBA  history to average a #tripledouble  aft Oscar Robertson & Russell Westbrook." @nuggets 

Given Russell Westbrook is joining a new team, it would make sense if he went through a trial run, perhaps to run the plays and build chemistry with his teammates. The Wizards, though, don’t seem to think that’s very necessary.

Russell Westbrook doesn't agree with idea that all that's missing on his resume is a championship. He doesn't define himself or think his legacy will be defined by that. But he obviously plays for a title. "If I am not striving to win a championship, then what's the point?"

If there is a coach who can bring the best out of Russell Westbrook, it's Scott Brooks. Brooks empowered Westbrook in OKC. He molded him into an All-Star. Now he must find a way to make it work with Bradley Beal.

There is belief in some league corners that the Hornets’ desire to trade for Russell Westbrook could increase if they miss out on LaMelo Ball in Wednesday’s draft That and much more intel in the latest @nytimes  On Basketball newsletter freshly dispatched to inboxes worldwide:

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If the Rockets trade Russell Westbrook this week, they reportedly may have to settle for a package highlighted by Julius Randle and Dennis Smith Jr.

The Knicks are on the short list of viable trade destinations for Houston's Russell Westbrook, league sources say If the Knicks prove willing to absorb the $130+ million left on Westbrook's contract to make him their centerpiece, there is a trade to be made They have weighed it

"I’m staying away from [him]," @JRSportBrief  said. "It doesn’t matter if I’m a contender; it doesn’t matter if I’m a young team. Russell Westbrook is good for putting up numbers, missing three-pointers, going to the playoffs and being eliminated." #NBA 


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Russell Westbrook's reaction shows his thoughts when asked if Steph is an underrated defender. (via @ESPNNBA )

?AVERAGING a triple-double ?LEADING league in scoring. ?MAKING #NBA  history. ?RT now if u want Russell Westbrook to start in ASG. #NBAVOTEVOTE 

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If the NBA wanted a new logo, it wouldn’t have to look any further than Russell Westbrook#BRmag 

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Russell Westbrook on the foul from Joel Embiid, and then asked if they are “cool.” (Warning: language):

You might think Russell Westbrook just stat-padded his way to back-to-back seasons averaging a triple-double. But if it were just as easy as that, he wouldn't have been the first guy in 60 years to average one, and the first ever to do it twice.

Russell Westbrook went off a bit on the idea he stat-pads rebounds: “If you don’t want it, I’m gonna get it. Simple as that.”

“If you don’t like Russell Westbrook as a player, you don’t like basketball.” Congrats on #42  , from the TNT crew.

Russell Westbrook when asked if he would like to play for the Lakers.

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Report: Thunder want Russell Westbrook extension, could explore a trade if no deal reached

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