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President Biden is proposing universal background checks without involving Congress. When will this administration stop going after law-abiding gun owners? I will fight for Idahoans’ Second Amendment rights & push back on Biden’s vendetta against lawful gun ownership.

Inflation has risen 15% since President Biden took office. ⛽️ Gas prices are up 45.2% 💡Electricity prices are up 23.5% 🛒 Grocery prices are up 19.9% 🏠Rent prices are up 13.4% The President's reckless budget proposal will only make living less affordable for Idahoans.

There’s about a month left until taxes are due. The Idaho State Tax Commission recommends that Idahoans file online.

Idahoans cannot afford higher taxes & more out-of-control spending. This admin already spent well beyond its means, resulting in inflation that hurts Idahoans every day.

In Idaho, S1016, an anti-trans bathroom bill, has passed the Senate. H163, a bill that would forcibly out students, has passed the House. Idahoans: Tell your lawmakers to oppose both!

Idaho’s women-owned businesses are key to the state’s economic success & employ tens of thousands of Idahoans. On #InternationalWomensDay , I am proud to recognize the nearly 13 million women-owned businesses across the country & celebrate their continued success.

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D.C. should be a safe place to learn about and experience America’s rich history. Unfortunately, D.C. is riddled with crime and their left-wing city council has embraced a soft on crime approach. Idahoans should feel safe when visiting our nation’s capital.

President Biden will release his budget this week, and to no surprise, Idahoans can expect tax hikes and out-of-control spending proposals that will cause our deficit to soar. This is not what America needs right now. It’s time we balance the budget.

Idahoans must send another clear message: We will vote you out if you mess with Medicaid expansion.

Idahoans must send another clear message: We will vote you out if you mess with Medicaid expansion.


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5. Meanwhile, another major trend emerged: a growing exodus of blue state expats fleeing states like California for states Idaho. Most of these folks likely weren't Redoubters, but their impact is significant: Per a recent study, *1 on 4 Idahoans didn't live there 10 years ago.*

A federal gun registry has no place in America, yet the Biden admin is forcing law-abiding Americans to register their firearms or become felons. I joined @RogerMarshallMD  in reintroducing the SHORT Act to protect Idahoans from this unlawful registry.

The Biden administration has threatened to ban the gas stoves that many Idahoans use every day to feed their families. My colleagues and I sent a letter to the Administration demanding answers for this abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Since day one, Biden's economic policies have made life more and more unaffordable for Idahoans: 🛒Grocery prices are up 18.6% 🏠 Rent is up 11.8% 🚗 Gas prices are up 37.5% Now's the time to reverse course before inflation gets any worse.

"You won’t succeed at bringing Idaho back to the 1800s," a high school student told Idaho's Lt. Gov. who spread panic about CRT. "We Idahoans are smart, we're educated, and we can't be fooled into believing that something exists when the opposite is true.”

"As Idahoans plan for a future without abortion rights, a leading Republican says he will hold hearings on banning emergency contraception..." Also, IUDs: "'IUDs, I’m not for certain yet on where I would be on that particular issue,' he said."

Truly unreal. As we get closer it gets darker. You wouldn’t believe it’s noon. Detroit, Lyons, Mehama, Mill City, Gates, Idahoans, North Fork, Brietenbush are all on Level 3 GO orders. #LiveOnK2 

Idahoans are eager for change, and is ready to deliver. Let's get her across the finish line. ? Confirm your polling place ?at and vote early today, Idaho. ?

No one should work full-time and struggle to get by. Idahoans, like all Americans, deserve a living wage. -H