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Ian McConnell: #Brexit  fuels desperate race against time for many but unruffled Raab gazes at horizon: Opinion

Ian McConnell: Populist Government with a Walter Mitty view of UK’s place

Ian McConnell: From Rothesay to reality: will Sunak and Johnson Government learn from costly mistakes?

Ian McConnell: From Rothesay to reality: the mistakes and what the bold Sunak really should do now


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Ian McConnell: Bite of UK’s lunch for EU as PM fails to have his cake and eat it #Brexit 

Ian McConnell: "There are signs of increased tension between the business community and the Scottish Government. Some of this has probably been unavoidable."

I met Ian McConnell in Afghanistan. I was an embedded journalist, and he was an EOD tech. When I got into my first firefight, Ian checked on me afterward to see how I was doing. Kindness in a grim place. He died by suicide after his deployment. RIP. #MemorialDayWeekend 

Two football fans that used racist language during a match have been sentenced. James McConnell (2/5/62), of Newdale Road, Levenshulme, and Ian Baldry (25/5/61), of Bradley Street, Bradford, were sentenced earlier at Manchester Magistrates Court.

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Ian McConnell: An astonishingly grim decade of austerity, Brexit woe and policy mistakes from the Conservatives

@Marinetimes  @cbudoffbrownI  @Justine  @LuisRAgostinis  @cjchiversp  @TylerHicksPhotoent  long enough at the schoolhouse to get to know some of its Marines pretty well. Sgt. Ian McConnell, who died by suicide a year later, was one of them. He sought me out after the first firefight to make sure I was doing ok. 22/